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RCB...I get goosebumps just at the mention of these three magical letters. RCB is not just a team, its a religion in itself....Well for me Cricket starts and ends with RAHUL DRAVID. Have been an ardent fan of Rahul since i was 12 and the madness just seems to increase as the days and years have passed by. I just cant seem to get enough of Rahul. In fact in my School and College 'DRAVID' had kinda become my last name for everyone who knew me and i must say i always felt proud about being a crazy Rahul Dravid fan. So it is evident that im a crazy RCB follower as well. I have been cheering up for RCB on their good and bad days.i have always believed in RCB even when people close to me chose to support other teams when RCB wasnt doing well. And i bet no one can ever win an argument with me when it comes to RAHUL and RCB. I have collected all the official RCB merchandise which i proudly wear to the stadium or atleast flaunt at my office during all the RCB matches. I have had just 3 big dreams since i was 12. First one being to meet Rahul, getting to talk to him and the third to take a picture with him and make a big Life size poster of it and place it my living room. I have somehow managed to get the first two dreams fulfilled and i wish with this contest i get the oppurtunity to fulfill the third and the biggest dream of all. With RCB im always GAME FOR MORE...

The slogan that i will be chanting with everyone at the stadium
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