rakesh-katti, Bengaluru

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I am one of the freakiest fan of RCB who bunked the second half of my college whenever the match is at 4. I have never mised a single ball. We 3 friends have created a FAN PAGE on Facebook called "I bleed red and Gold, Am an RCB fan". We have got a great response. As we are very active 24/7 working through cell phone, college net, and from home at night just to provide support for our team. You can see our efforts by copy pasting our link below. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Bangalore-India/I-Bleed-Red-Gold-Im-a-RCB-Fan/369138451046. I would be very happy if I am one among the MIGHTY 14. Thank You everyone.

The slogan that i will be chanting with everyone at the stadium
The photo that shows how fanatic i am About RC