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I've been in USA pretty much my whole life so I didn't know head or tail about cricket. But after watching Lagaan I was hooked. I started listening to podcasts of live games at odd hours much to the dismay of my family. When I eventually moved to Bangalore, I was thrilled; I could fnally watch cricket on tv and not just read the scores online. It wasn't long before I managed to make my friends fans of the game. Girls don't follow cricket? I can tell you, me and my friend once bunked a class to watch a match at home; even the boys in our class didn't do that! IPL gave me a chance to watch games live and my favorite player Dravid in action. Every IPL, I create posters with hand-drawn pictures of members of the team(as shown below). Hopefully, one day, I'll have some autographs next to their portraits!

The slogan that i will be chanting with everyone at the stadium
The photo that shows how fanatic i am About RC