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Ross Taylor
  When I think of you, my mind refreshes. When I dream of you, I sleep well. You are a part of my cricketing life. Dreams come for everyone but this is a special dream. I met you in the Cricket stadium in South Africa during this Champions League T20 where you scored a hundred and won the game for the RCBians.I presented you the Man of the Match during the Post Match Presentation. I have come to watch you in the last Champions League and even in the IPL. Life without seeing you is strange. Hence you are a great Cricketer. This is untruly love and passion. I hope my dream comes true and you win the Cup for RCB. I know the criticism on you for playing for RCB than home country. Great choice indeed! You are a player with unquestionable passion, but when you play T20 you are on an aggression, After impression crowds, you became a legion, For me you are religion. Hope I see you and I officially send you and don't forget. Let my dream come true. Take Care Tailo... I have attached my video from Youtube of you playing in Bangalore. Only that i could afford.

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