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Rahul Dravid
  Hi Jammy! How are you? Hope this message reaches you in the best of your health. I know that you have numerous fans across the globe but I idolize you since I was a small kid. I can proudly say that I am a diehard fan of yours... RCB has given me this golden opportunity to showcase my passion but the drawback is that I cannot upload more than one thing. Rahul, I know that your mother is a great artist but I just wanted to tell you that I had made your portrait when I was in class 5 or 6. I had written poems for you since the time I became your fan, but I am uploading one of my latest creations for you. I am crazy about your pull and hook shots, your square cut is awesome and the best part is the way you handle pressure and motivate your team-mates in the time of crisis, is commendable. You are one of the strongest pillars of the Indian Cricket Team and the best player of RCB. I donít know whether you remember this or not but I want to tell you that whenever the Indian team used to visit Delhi for any match, I used to come and meet you at Taj Palace Hotel in New Delhi. I, my younger brother and our parents used to meet you and the team at around 6 AM in the morning before you used to go for the match. Even if we used to have our terminal exams I made it a point to meet you before going to the school. And you have always been so lucky for me that I always scored a good percentage. I called you once at the hotelís room and had a word with you on phone. I have met you several times but every time when I meet you, it feels like Iíve met you for the first time. It feels just awesome that I canít express in words. I was one of the lucky ones that came to Bangalore for FFC1 but unfortunately I lost it. But then God was so kind that I won the Mighty 14 contest and met you at ITC Maurya Sheraton lobby before the match. I gave my camera to someone to click my picture with you but instead of clicking the right button, he turned off the camera. I felt very sad. :( and now I am very eager to meet you ASAP. I have so much to say but canít write much as there is a word limit here. In short please please please do meet meeeeeeeeeeeeeee and let me present my creation to you in-person...Love you loads Rahul, you are RCBís precious treasure; Your every shot and every catch gives me ultimate pleasure... :) :) :) Keep performing well and make me proud. Always remember that I do and I will always support you in your ups and downs. Enjoy life to the fullest. All the Best!!!

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