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Rahul Dravid
  Sir, It would be a honour for me to wrote for u and Moreover Im overwhelmed to write to u... U have been our Hero since we watched Cricket... And moreover.. We are like, "RCB for RD!" We all love u sir... Whenever u hit runs.. See our faces, we will be so happy.. I will be reading the News paper atleast 20 times which shows u on the page.. And when u go through tough times we were always back of u sir.. Just want to say u sir.."People call me Dravid in my college because they know how crazy Im about u," I just want them to call ur name as proud as they can.. Show them sir and all of us... Rd Rd Rd Rd!!!!!!!!!! Just check this Video sir.. When u lifted ur bat on ur fifty we were all jumping on our Chairs... :) This is the best gift I can give u sir.. Make sure u watch this Video :)

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