Your message to Dillon Du Preez
Dillon Du Preez
  Come on Dillon.You impressed us all with your performance in the only match you played for us in ipl2. This time again you are going to play in your home country. Prove it ti the world that you are a rising star by being the best bowler this clt20. Everyone knows that one bad clt20 outing in India while playing for diamond eagles wont alter your marvelous performance everyone knows you are going to put up. Let the DJ play the RCB song for most of the time in a single match. You are one of the only 3 South Africans in our outfit and you know that our outfit is one that is infested by a lot of South Africans. Perform like a rock-star and don't care about what the critics or media points at your performance.I know that you have all the potential required to single-handedly bring the champions league to Bangalore.ROYAL CHALLENGERS GAME FOR MMMOOORRREEE!!!

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