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Rahul Dravid
  To my God, Really I dont know what to say.Im tht much lucky to have the name of a great cricketing legend I had ever seen as mine and thats you.Like millions of people im also a small diehard fan of you.For me cricket is my heart and it always beats for one man, ideal person,my motivator and my god.Not only your way of playing but also your character on real life attracted me a lot.I think that affected me most.On my room you cant find any other god's pictures than my real god's!!!.Everyone will ask me seeing that "are u a mad?".And for all of them Im having an answer "Ya..Im mad,mad about my god".My dream is to meet my god and becoming the first man in the world to meet "his god" personaly.because noone will have a living legend as his one and only one god!!!!... With that thought only I participated on the first RCB Fanatic Fan Challenge and become one among the first 27 Fanatic Fans.."October 3rd" which was my dream day where i got a chance to be there on Chinnaswamy Stadium.actually it was more than a dream for me..and I got a golden opportunity to spend about 15min with the living legends Anil Kumble & Ray Jennings..everything I got was because of you.thanks...thanks a lot.. Here Im going to submit a video which i made exactly one year ago..which i created from my heart..which helped me to become one among the first 27 RCB fanatic fans...I believe if you people have the thoughts of IPL 2009 it will gave you so much confidence to get that dream cup Champions League 2010...thats why Im dedicating this video to you..I wish you all the very best from my heart to win this just go there and play like a legend as you usually do and make our RCB the REAL CHAMPIONS from BANGALORE!!!... from one of your diehard fan, raHul.u.n

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