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Robin Uthappa
  Robin I love u loads n loads n loads..Thank God u are an RCBian..if u were not so,then surely v would have been on the recieving side..I am a die hard fan of u and RCB..LOve RCB to the core.!!!!!!!! Of course u will encounter challenge, setback and personal difficulty in CLT20,but bring us with it the seed of equivalent or greater benefit! And Man ur reverse sweep..!!!uff...would love to see it every day..! Wen I was in the stadium for 1st edition of CLT20(on the opening ceremony and RCB vs CC)..Match was really exciting..I mean it was really exciting..!!Wen U came to field near the pavilion stand I was waiting for u to turn my side,infact our side..But u dint..waiting in vain!!not fair..(just kidding)..And I could only take ur picture wen u were running(I've uploaded it)..But make sure the opposition team doesn't see ur back while u r batting..I mean win the match for RCB.. I am waiting for the start of CLT20..and would love to send u guys to SA with lots n lots of motivation....go ROBIN....go RCB........!!!!!!!!!! RCB RCB RCB RCB RCB RCB RCB !!!!!!!!All the best guys......Bring home the cup...and my blood would mix with gold..and make it more colourful..!!!oh actually I am bleeding RED and GOLD since IPL 2...!!!

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