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26-Dec to 12-Jan
Batsmen are losing their ability to play spin with the pressures of the modern game
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“ Batsmen have lost the patience to play spin. ”
“ It's a young line up which will improve with time. ”
Dipen Shah: The modern game encourages fast-paced run scoring and big hitting. Batsmen tend to see out pacers and make up for it by cashing in with big hits against spinners. This temptation to attack spin is being carried into the Test arena and they fall into traps just by backing themselves to hit their way out of a testing spell.

Limited over cricket puts batsmen under the pressure of attacking all kinds of bowlers. But they must also learn when to consolidate or defend because a good Test attack will examine all these abilities for a longer period.
Monish Moorthy: No one acknowledges the benefits of batsmen molding themselves to attack all kinds of bowling. Without the confidence and lessons that the batsmen have picked up from having an attacking mindset in the limited forms of the game, India would never have gotten close to almost chasing 360 in a single day the way they did at Adelaide.

With an experience of barely 60 Tests between them, most of our batsmen are on their first trips to venues on the Test circuit, facing certain bowlers they haven't faced much in other forms of the game. If they are comfortable against Mitchell Johnson and Co, it's because they play them every year in the IPL and other limited over tournaments.

They are facing the same problems that any young batsmen face but our scrutiny has grown a lot more in the same time.
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