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04-Dec to 22-Dec
India should rotate pacers every Test to save them for the World Cup
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“ It isn’t worth risking injuries to our star pacers ahead of the World Cup. ”
“ You give your best and go for the win, every time. ”
Dipen Shah: Test bowling puts a lot of stress on bowlers, especially the pacers. They need to field, bowl long spells and maintain their pace throughout. Shorter downtimes to recover from this kind of workload would make fast-bowlers very susceptible to injuries.

With the World Cup around the corner, we cannot risk any long-term injuries to the pacers. Rather than squeezing them to the limits in this series, India should really look to conserve them for the World Cup.
Monish Moorthy: The World Cup is important but so is the Border-Gavaskar Trophy. It has set competitive standards for Test cricket that the world looks up to. The world needs it too after the tragedy of Phil Hughes. Not playing with the best team will be disrespectful and inappropriate.

Additionally, it would be a moment of great pride to win this prestigious series as it is a great challenge. India desperately needs a fresh start in Test cricket after the loss in England. And most importantly, this is a chance for the pacers to get used to the conditions in Australia – where we’ll be playing a lot of our World Cup games.
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