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27-Aug to 09-Sep
India should include more county matches in their schedule on tours outside the sub-continent.
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“ Failing to prepare is preparing to fail ”
“ The approach may seem logical, but the result could end up with our players experiencing fatigue. ”
Monish Moorthy: As a lucrative touring opposition, India should ask for more practice matches on tours where conditions differ drastically from the subcontinent.

Batsmen and bowlers have to figure out the bounce and other conditions in tour matches so they are ready when the Tests begin. We've seen players get used to the conditions only towards the end of series. The captain too has to find his right combination in the Tests and this affects fringe players who may not get a consistent run, leaving their confidence shot.

An alternative would be to begin longer tours with ODI series and play the Tests later by when players are already acclimatized.
Rishabh Thomas: Although this may seem logical, this approach could backfire on the Indian team.

Instead of over-burdening themselves by adding more matches to their already jam-packed schedule, India should focus on rebuilding their team since they're in the transition phase.

Start from scratch. Focus on the basics. Identify young talent. Take a risk or two and give them the opportunity to shine on the big stage.

Burdening the players this way might not bring forth positive results, instead it could result in the players experiencing fatigue which will eventually lead to injury.
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