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24-Oct to 02-Nov
Can we build very different teams for different conditions?


Building entirely different teams for different formats of the game is not a feasible option. Each match is different with its own set of challenges, players learn different things. So instead of a few players exposed to every situation and adept at handling them, you get a lot of players who have just one dimension to their game which may or may not help them have a long career. Good players will do well regardless of format, let\\\'s not take away their chance to do that.
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“ A good idea that could be revolutionary. ”
“ An idea that will help opponents more than it will help the team ”
Monish Moorthy: Given the trouble of over-scheduling and distributing opportunities of exposure between young talent, developing specialized teams could be a good idea. Teams can have larger pools of reserves in this case, each completely dependable for the given conditions and with their responsibilities and roles clear.
Foram Gosrani: If we have different teams: A player will know how to play only in one condition. While he may become a specialist in that condition, opponents will be one step ahead and plan the ways to get him out.
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31 Oct 2011
not 2 gud idea .the team will keep on loosing its power
27 Oct 2011
by building diffrent teams for diffrent conditions,it can never be a team full of unity which can lead to many loses.....
27 Oct 2011
Guess the team needs to adapt to different conditions..
25 Oct 2011
not at all needed!!!! RCB is perfect the way it is!!!
25 Oct 2011
Also, while we prepare a player to play in just 1 condition, he will not become a "fully qualified" cricketer; which means we will have to create a bigger pool to select players from. This segregates the talent and does not do justice to players who can play in all conditions.
24 Oct 2011