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02-Nov to 15-Nov
Do T20 skills help players in Tests?


T20 doesn't need special skills as much as it requires quick reflexive thinking and superb fitness to carry out those gameplans. What players in T20 can get by is a watertight technique and discipline which is why so many T20 specialists can find the longer formats harder to play. So just as an excellent Test player wouldn't necessarily be a good T20 player, a good T20 player by no means has to be a good T20 player.
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“ Skills helps the game, not just the player ”
“ T20 specialists are good at only one form of cricket ”
Foram Gosrani: T20 skills are those which help players turn around games in the space of just a few overs. If a player uses them to turn around a test within a session, forcing a result instead of a draw, it helps not just the player but the game as well. This is more likely to help batsmen but bowlers too will know how to best use their T20 skills in a Test.
Monish Moorthy: T20 doesn't need any special 'skills' it only encourages risk taking. Big hitting and disciplined/attacking bowling are the basics of cricket, they did not come with T20 cricket. T20 keeps players from planning longer innings, from bowling sustained attacking spells and the shift in mindset is the biggest problem that T20 brings with it.
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In my opinion T20 cricket is not killing real cricketing skills. Game i mean cricket remains the same only the overs are reduced. It brings a lot of fun, excitement among the viewers....One more it saves a lot of time....many who were not watching cricket coz it's time consuming , hav started watching it.....Younger player are getting more chance and the team India is getting new talents these days....DHONI team...
08 Nov 2011
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Takling about skills..You require special talent in a T20 match.."FIELDING", which hardly comes into a test match scenario...!!
14 Nov 2011
I reckon, T20 and Tests are just two different form of games..Test, you need time to settle down and play a patient inning..! T20 is JUST a hitter's game..! Coming to the practice required..To play in tests, it's challenge, requires you to practice for YEARS! And for a T20 game, just a DAY! This is what my personal experience says, as even I play for a club!
14 Nov 2011
i cant immagine yusif playing test cricket !!
11 Nov 2011
T20 and Tests are two ends of universe!
05 Nov 2011
i think Robin Uthappa is also best player for rcb'ns
04 Nov 2011
yeah monish is right naaa.....
04 Nov 2011
T20 skill helps only for attacking, it didn't helps to patience to defend in tests... but few players play there natural game in both formats like Rahul, sachin, kohli, etc...
03 Nov 2011
T-20 doesn't requires any technique. Hit every ball with strength. If T-20 really follow the technique then Chris Gayle should have wonderful test records. Test players requires lot of technique and ability to judge the bowling.
03 Nov 2011
the game format of t20 and a test match is completely different from eachother... the bowling,batting and fielding has such link which is ignorable.......
02 Nov 2011
An ordnry player cab be a success full t20 player, bt in test u have to be a extra ordnry player.................
02 Nov 2011
no way t20 does not help to test matches.... in T20 only player is admitted to big shots,but in tests players must be technically sound...
02 Nov 2011