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31-May to 14-Jun
IPL teams be allowed to loan and lease players


It's a big risk which could affect fan followings of teams but it's a risk worth taking. Player loaning should be allowed in the IPL. A lot of teams are forced to field young inexperienced players who give away the match in their few overs. This keeps the competition in the tournament lop sided. Also, players want to play, nobody wants to earn hundreds of thousands of dollars for warming a bench for 8 weeks. Loaning out players to teams which will give them regular games is a good idea of letting that happen.
53.85 % Defend
46.15 % Attack
“ Many teams struggle to put a competent XI on the field while other teams have an embarrassment of riches. ”
“ It is not a feasible idea in a nascent league such as the IPL. ”
Ushma@rcb: Some teams can create a competent second XI with players sitting on their benches while many often play with 2-3 weak links in their playing XIs. Often we see matches have been lost due to poor bowling from the 5th bowler.
This will also give players a say, many good players will gladly give up some portion of their pay for more regular opportunities to play.
Tania Dey: We're still reeling from the 2011 shuffle which saw many teams undergo a complete line up change. This will hurt fan following of teams where the fans support star players.

Also, this can lead to a depletion of bench strength. Injuries are always just one delivery, one misstep away and transferring players will not just see players sharing confidential strategies but also leave teams weaker on the bench.
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14 Jun 2012
just for kohil
13 Jun 2012
@jayanthcl Get over Steyn, Uthappa, Taylor already. Players have their own choices to make as well. I think Uthappa is quite happy earning $ 2.1 m at Pune. This shortage of quality talent is why Loans are required.
04 Jun 2012
Loan/lease of players is a good idea to utilise the best talent available in a league, instead of good players warming the ### in a team overcrowded with talent. That will also make for a level playing field, beyond the auctions and shall make best use of available players.
01 Jun 2012
yeah it was a great idea,, by doing so some youngsters may get opportunities so they can render there skills... in many other leauges it was in progress but dont know how far IPL can make this........
01 Jun 2012
just for kohli
01 Jun 2012
IPL's auction theory itself ssux!!!! Players dont hav a say!! players should hav a say!! and there shud be no discrimination towards capped and uncapped players!!
31 May 2012
I think it's a good idea. Gives teams a second chance to make up for any shortcoming they notice after the auctions. And teams can lease out players to give other players on their team opportunity.
31 May 2012
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There are not many people who never get opertunities to play, and those who don't won't get it in any other franchise
09 Jun 2012
Not a good Idea because it is difficult for the fans to support their Team. For eg. Now itself it is very difficult to -'not to support Styien' when RCB plays against DC. Think about the situation where AB or Dilshan plays for other team... If it continues, fans will lose interest in IPL(as this is the only fun fans have now, when the matches are already fixed).
09 Jun 2012
Never Ever!!!!!!!!!!!!! do u think rcb will lease chris gayle for a season?
08 Jun 2012
I disagree with the idea of loaning and leasing. As Tania said it wud hurt the fan following. Furthermore with a permanent squad more fans attach to the team which surely affects the teams!
05 Jun 2012
I prefer players to be dedicated to their team, we support the players all season and would rather not see them scoring for other teams
04 Jun 2012
It can be International matches or can be domestic tournaments like IPL, when a fan supports a team then he feels any player belong to his team as his own player. Nobody likes to see his player playing to some other team. Just like how we dont want our Indian ### players to play for Pak or Canada!! We are still in mood that Uthappa, Tayler, steyn are our RCB players!! Its difficult for fans to switch their minds in speed of Teams changing their players.. I strongly oppose lease of players in any format of the game. And also I oppose bidding of players in every 2-3 years...
31 May 2012