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12-Oct to 24-Oct
Is the T20 format inherently advantageous for batsmen?


T20 is indeed a batsman\'s game. Beginning with the duration and moving on to rules like the freehit, they are all loaded towards the batsmen. It encourages bowlers to bowl containing lines instead of doing what they are supposed to do: take wickets, reinventing their whole purpose, their role in the game.
80 % Defend
20 % Attack
“ Yes T20 is designed in such a way that it holds more advantages for batsmen. ”
“ T20 is a great for bowlers because they are forced to develop their game considering the big payday that it offers. ”
Monish Moorthy: Batsmen have a lesser amount of overs to face but the bowlers still have to take 10 wickets.
Which is why batting sides are taking lesser risks when their batsmen attack. The bowlers may try to bowl to contain but unless they get wickets they face the risk of being hit for runs.
Foram Gosrani: They are forced to train harder and stay fit to play . They have to bowl for just 4 overs in a game which gives them enough time to experiment without going for too many runs. And when they are on song, it is a rewarding game for them.Batsmen have no option but to attack in T20s which means bowlers have options, they could go for wickets or try to contain batsmen. This is also seen when part time bowlers who are shrewd prosper in T20.
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1ly thin 2 sy is d BST RESN of my vote is CHRIS GAYLE
23 Oct 2011
yes, i strongly feel that t20 helps batsman as they get a chance to showcase their talent and if future be a part of national cricket team.
23 Oct 2011
s it is more advantage fpr batsmen
19 Oct 2011
yes, it is advantagous for the batsmen, bcoz they have to make quick runs from the limited overs.
16 Oct 2011
yes and the powerplay further proves that it is a fact !!
14 Oct 2011
12 Oct 2011
12 Oct 2011
yes t20 is the best format for batsmen like gayle and bowlers like aravind
12 Oct 2011
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no,i am not agree with this, becs in t20 format batsman get more pressure than anyother format.some disadvantage are. 1.hv less time(overs) 2.many good batsman dont get chance to prove themself 3.hv less opportunity to adjust themself with bowler,match,situation 4.they just focus on runs only, it leads them towards out position many times.
24 Oct 2011
t20 is great for bowlers its a gr8 experience for them bowling in t20.may new things are learned by them by bowling in t20
16 Oct 2011
very difficult to bowlers injury taken place in this game
12 Oct 2011
bowlers satisfy their captain and coaches wid 2or3 wkts but batsmen need to make those runs within some time and try and make their team win the match or try to get up a score which makes the game easy for them to defend,so bowlers have choice and batsmen don't.....
12 Oct 2011
its for bowlers only.
12 Oct 2011