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05-Jul to 19-Jul
National cricketers should take a break to play county cricket


Indian cricketers are constantly playing tournaments without sufficient breaks. At this level the cricketers are already skilled enough. Bagging that coveted national cap is every cricketers dream. You cannot do away with your spot in the national team just to go out and play county cricket. There’s always a lot to learn from the senior pros in the team. As they say experience is the best teacher, so the only thing that matters is what lessons our Cricketers have learnt. The youngsters must be sent abroad to get a hint of the conditions that exist before they make it to the national team. Playing county cricket is not necessary as players can hone their skills by being part of the national team too.
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“ Even national cricketers need an occasional break to go back to the basics. ”
“ National cricketers are already equipped with skills. ”
Shruti@rcb: Playing in alien conditions, away from the sheltered environment in India teaches players to think about and improve their game on their own.

The workload of playing a match or two every week constantly raises their fitness levels and fine tune their technique. They can also pick up things from old pros in the circuit, learn from their experience.
Tania Dey: We have to consider that we no longer have an off season since the IPL is held in the summer and the team tours abroad during the monsoons.

Getting accustomed to different conditions is a good idea but this should happen at a lower level such as the India - A team and age group teams. The youngsters are the ones who should be sent on tours abroad so they are experienced by the time they earn their India debut.
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I think it's a no-brainer. County cricket definitely helps as does the lifestyle with it. There you're not a celebrity, you're just a cricketer playing day in and day out. There is absolute focus to work on your craft and improve. No wonder it helps international cricketers going through a trough.
11 Jul 2012
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country cricket is only a lifestyle game.it cannot be adopted as a career option or any pretigious thing.
20 Jul 2012
quitting national cricket is not all accepted as the team and country both ca not be left with vacant positions..
20 Jul 2012