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14-Jun to 05-Jul
Players be allowed to pick and choose formats to prioritize


This is a really tough call. Responsibility of avoiding burn out lies primarily with cricket boards but if they insist on cramming the calendar then players have to take the hard decision. In the end, players must decide if they are comfortable and prepared enough to play in different series. The choice of format however should remain with selectors who judge player skill sets.
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“ Players risk burn out by playing all formats ”
“ This affects long term planning for the team ”
Shruti@rcb: The international cricket schedule is hectic and the ranking system is such that a lot of ODIs played are often pointless.

Touring and playing takes a heavy toll on players mentally and physically so it's reasonable for at least senior members of the team to choose the formats they wish to play in. This also paves the way for youngsters to enter the team and strengthens the bench.
Ushma@rcb: Selection panels and team management pick players with an eye on the future and invest resources training the players, giving them opportunities and help to learn and realize their potential as world class cricketers.

Curtailing your availability in a format shows disregard for the team cause. It also leads to staggered development with a team's bench strength scattered across formats.
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It confuses the players!!!
03 Jul 2012
01 Jul 2012
Risks? Yes that is true but there are enough youngsters waiting in the wings for an opportunity to play international cricket. Professional cricketers choose cricket as their employment and they earn pretty well and then they want to dictate to their employers. If they don't like the system, endeavour to change the system through the proper administrative means or get out of the game and seek other employment. Another promising youngster will lap up the opportunity and the game goes on.
24 Jun 2012
23 Jun 2012
they do.
23 Jun 2012
Provided the players and team communicated this could help players focus on their strengths
21 Jun 2012
21 Jun 2012
I completely agree as this is what happens nowadays...if not completely then atleast somewhat!
19 Jun 2012
Is there any chance to meet virat kohli? please let me know
17 Jun 2012
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that leads to less response of some formats
01 Jul 2012
i do agree
29 Jun 2012
Since when does an an employee "dictate" to an employer? By his action in an effort to rock the boat, only KP will be the loser as was shown recently by Bell, who cashed in on what could have been KP's. I like KP but he must not come to the for with his nonsense. There are other channels through which he can make his point as an administrator of the game, not so?
24 Jun 2012
23 Jun 2012
23 Jun 2012
Players tend to look for all formats as their mentality say they can excel in every format, but isn't true so they should not allow to decide
23 Jun 2012
I think it's unfair on the Board. Boards invest a lot of time and money on the development and training of players. ODIs and T20s share a lot of skill sets so it's natural that my pool of players for limited overs games will be largely similar. One day Pietersen (who has a fat IPL contract) will say he doesn't want to play so many games. The next day 5 players will follow with the same excuse and suddenly I'm struggling to put up a competent playing XI on the field, my ### is also weak! Their national performance earns them an IPL contract in the first place, they have to commit themselves and put the team first.
23 Jun 2012