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29-Aug to 17-Sep
Promising U-19 players should be fast-tracked to the senior Indian cricket team


While it is true that talent always finds a way to express itself, it is important that players aren't thrown into a high pressure environment without preparing them. Sachin Tendulkar made his international debut as a 16 year old but he had already scorched the domestic tournaments for a year by then and very comfortably at that. Virat Kohli and Unmukt Chand both were notches above their peers in the 2008 and 2012 U-19 World Cups respectively but both had already represented Delhi in the Ranji Trophy for two seasons by then. They are not outliers, behind their success lies hardwork and grind. It is also unfair towards players who put their soul and body on the line playing domestic cricket season after season if the selectors decide to pick a prodigy instead of a proven performer. It is therefore necessary that youngsters learn and grow beyond themselves in domestic cricket to earn a place in the national team.
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“ Early exposure will help them build their game ”
“ They must strengthen their game in domestic cricket ”
Monish Moorthy: Using fresh talent right away is a great idea and it will give them chance to explode in the International arena sooner. Giving them a taste of international cricket will help them understand the areas they need to work on to sustain a career as a Team India player.

It sounds a risky idea to see if they sink or swim but a knowledge of the demands of International cricket will always give them direction to mould their technique and develop a temperament.

A player who performs right from the outset will have priceless experience at a young age and as he grows will develop into a well grounded cricketer.
Sachin Kodagali - Abd!!!: U-19 cricketers will only have played cricketers of their own level - they are only the best of an inexperienced lot.

In domestic cricket, they will face experienced players who've played for 15-20 years. Batsmen, bowlers and captains who can and will figure out their game within a over. This is exactly what they will face in International cricket, but their failure there will have more serious consequences.

It is also unfair on seasoned campaigners in domestic cricket if youngsters get into the national team on the basis of achievements in age group cricket against equally inexperienced players.

Youngsters must prove themselves consistently against experienced cricketers in different conditions and situations. When they do,they should get their chance.
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just go for creamy layer. ex. we have batsman like Virat Kohli etc
06 Sep 2012
The team is at it's best form, so are few players. They should be fast tracked yes, but they need to be treated equally and chances to be provided at the right time to keep the momentum going for them
04 Sep 2012
The young blood will have an urge to do something better and big!!
02 Sep 2012
i think its time for the seniors who havent shown much development this season should be replaced by youngsters. so it would build up their confidenence at youg age to play international cricket
02 Sep 2012
ya its true
30 Aug 2012
u-19 team players played lot of cricket tats y they got selected for u-19 national team ....so if we give much more opurtunities thn they would also learn more frm the seniors nd it will be a great stage for them.............so ALWAYS KEEP BELIEF ON YOUNGSTERS WHO R GOING TO LEAD THE WORLD TOMORROW..........
29 Aug 2012
nice thought monish.........
29 Aug 2012
Yes fresh talent must be given a chance. These are kind of players who have not only won the world cup but won it in Australia. Few months back our senior team struggled big time in Australia and this team did wonders over there. They should be given some training and experience as our next world cup is in Australia and these guys can fit in comfortably. For me best example is Virat Kohli. U 19 world cup winner-straight into RCB team and today a success story for India.
29 Aug 2012
in u19 team there are lots of talented players. they should get chance but they should use that chance and get permanent place in team india like virat kohli
29 Aug 2012
5 Opinions
they did not more practice in cricket.so they should play domestic matches
10 Sep 2012
The fresh reputed players shouldn't be given a chance so early, it would create a menace during pressure times and important games. Go with the well known ones with good first class records.
09 Sep 2012
I think the senior team is for experienced players like Tendulkar, Laxman and Dravid, the young ones can't fill their boots so they will have to play more junior cricket before stepping up the big league
08 Sep 2012
I feel that U19 guys shud first be given a chabce to play IPL and lots of other domestic T20 tournaments like SLPL and BPL to get familiar with the tracks, and if they do well THERE then they might be good in the senior squad
01 Sep 2012