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20-Jul to 09-Aug
Reviving India-Pakistan cricket ties is a great idea


Resumption of cricketing ties with Pakistan certainly seems to be a great idea. Though the relationships between both the countries have been strained due to a number of reasons but cricket is a great way to make a fresh start. But one also has to bear in mind the fatigue that this series can cause to the Indian players. As India have already kicked off a busy and long season it is necessary for them to take rest before they can take on a strong team like England. While the decision is great the timing of the series will matter to the players.
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“ India Pakistan cricket encounters are the mightiest of all cricket battles. They are the Ashes of Asia! ”
“ A futile attempt that will only lead to fatigue ”
Tania Dey: I think it’s a great decision and it has been welcomed by most of the cricket fans in India.

An India Pakistan cricket match is certainly more than entertainment. It’s also a great plus for the younger Pakistani players to showcase their talent. The resumption of the cricketing ties may give a chance to the Pakistani players to be considered for the IPL 6 auctions.

All in all, cricket seems to be a good way to make a fresh start.
Monish Moorthy: It’s happened in the past and the same will happen in the future. We have seen in the past how Pakistani players resort to bad behaviour on the field. Although we can label it as sledging but from their end it has always been in a bad taste.

Another big reason is fatigue. The Indo-Pak series has been squeezed between the T20s and ODI matches against England i.e. 6 games in 19 days. To compete with a strong team like England our players need to be fresh.

This series will just cause more harm than good to our players, all in the name of politics.
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Sport is a sport lets not mix politics or religion into it. High time Pak players should be allowed to play IPL. Lets see them as humans and not an enemies. Afridi or Shoaib or Misbah didnt bomb at 26/11. They are good humans like anyone out here. High time we value their feelings.
03 Aug 2012
its not like ashes.its just a relation maintain.ill not call the ashes of asia. and India Pakistan match just like another Tournament.
30 Jul 2012
Its not ashes its a blood
28 Jul 2012
Its good for cricket and countries. Commercially it brings lot to table as Indo Pak matches are so hyped. In terms of cricket the teams play high intensity games, so good for fans all over the world. In terms of ties between countries its a good move, we just cant keep relying on talks between govt. as that is probably gonna take hundred of years. Why affect a sport due to all this. Bring on the game and let people look beyind what doesnt matter.
27 Jul 2012
i think the decision of reviving India-Pakistan ties is a great idea because it is very easy to support things,which are leading towards bitterness but giving a chance and taking a step towards betterment is always a wise decision,from my point of view. And yes, keeping excitement factor in mind,India vs Pakistan are always greatly enjoyed by all cricket fans,so this can bring back that mad excitement.
26 Jul 2012
yeah, it is a gr8 idea.. bcoz cricketers r not involved in wat hapenned in india.. if ne indian kills another indian, then do v stop talking with other indians!!! do v stop playing with other indians!!! CRICKET IS A DIFFERENT RELIGION, ALL THE PLAYERS COME UNDER THIS RELIGION!!!!!!
25 Jul 2012
25 Jul 2012
its a great battle to watch. it make us understand the feeling of the players and the people who watch the matches. just beacause some bad people might get visa to enter india or anything bad might occur we must not stop the nations from competing for the sport and take this whole thing in a sportsman spirit. all d best to both the teams :)
25 Jul 2012
match between india and pak is a great idea
24 Jul 2012
Sure, It is indeed a superb idea!
21 Jul 2012
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I dont wanna see my fellow Indians death again..Indians will never leatn from the past and forget everything so fast.
29 Jul 2012
I will never call it as the Ashes of Asia! the ashes has some standards! Ind pak match is just like another matches.
25 Jul 2012
No way, I am huge fan of cricket, but isn't it against the basic fundamental principle on the basis of which India decided not to play with Pakistan after 26/11 attack? What exactly has changed since 2008? Nothing. So what exactly our board though before revoking its own decision. We as a nation have important issues to sort out on priority and till then these bilateral ties with Pakistan can take back seat
25 Jul 2012
I Think this is a bad Idea, Abu Jindal Himself claims that terrorists will be come here to look the cities and plan in the name of cricket match. We are not yet forgotten the Mumbai Terror Attack. I personally believe that its not a good idea at all. Even Sunil Gawaskar also not agree with it.
25 Jul 2012