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15-Nov to 30-Nov
Should Virat Kohli replace Yuvraj in the Tests against WI?


Yuvraj is an accomplished player in ODIs but that does not necessarily mean he is good in the longer format and his Test record proves that. Considering the news of his lung infection, Yuvraj was not even match fit during the first two Tests. Virat may have had a poor start in the tour of West Indies but he deserves a second go since the players selected ahead of him haven\'t cemented their place. If Virat plays and repeatedly fails, then by all means the selectors and Captain are free to look for options. But give him a chance first.
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“ Yuvraj has had his chances, spread over 7 years since his debut in 2003 to seal a Test spot. ”
“ Dropping a player without giving them adequate chances is no good for the team, captain and especially for players. ”
Monish Moorthy: But he hasn't been able to do it. At times he was injured but mostly it's simply because he is not a Test level batsman.With the tour of Australia coming up, we need to throw Virat in the mix and give him much needed long format practice as soon as possible. Yuvraj is the only passenger in the Test team at the moment and Kohli deserves his chance to play and seal a spot.
Nidhi At Rcb: This impatience with players is highly destructive, it keeps teams from building a strong core of experienced players, impedes transition plans and leaves the team weak and underexposed with no back ups. Yuvraj must continue to play, for this is his chance and he has earned it with his performances, including winning the Man of the Series at the 2011 Cricket World Cup.
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As Yuvraj is suffering from lung problems, it is convenient for Kohli to fill up his spot for now.
27 Nov 2011
yes yes yes, i absolutely agree with this... a player after some years of playing must give chance for the youngsters who have potential just like virat... senior players dont retire themselves so der must b rule to retire after some years just like v have in govt services so that others get chance to play
25 Nov 2011
virat is always a good player so he should be in team
22 Nov 2011
Yuvraj Singh should obviously be replaced by Virat Kohli because in International matches, Virat performs better than Yuvraj comparatively.
21 Nov 2011
yuviis a gud player n he shows his magic in previous matches n bt virat is young n more talented n strong in field s0 chances f0h vk :) i love uh both equaly bt i love RCB n virat is 1 0f d most important part f my RCB faMily s0 i lov virat more den yuvi :) fair n nnuff :)
21 Nov 2011
yuvi is an experienced player. he has played long innings and showed that he can play test cricket. but against an inexperienced side such as the West Indies, i think virat should be given a chance. also india have sealed the series, and they should rest yuvraj for the upcoming all important australia tour.
20 Nov 2011
virat should be given another chance to seal his place his in the test squad.
19 Nov 2011
yes because virat bhai is have the ability to stay in test also i love yu virat bhai
18 Nov 2011
its enough chance for yuvi...v kohli..his nw very good form...and his future of india........
18 Nov 2011
Its good bye time for UV form Tests. He is very good for ODI. But Test matches deserve more skilled players.
17 Nov 2011
chances should be given to everyone equally.........especially replacing someone who has not able to perform since debut.......
16 Nov 2011
4 Opinions
Yuvraj is class..getting someone like Virat Kohli or Rohit Sharma in at this premature stage of their careers is simply not done!Monish says Yuvraj got his chances but tell me one long stretch when Yuvraj has had a certainty in the starting 11?Read Arjuna Ranatunga's angle on this..he considers him to be a Brian Lara
29 Nov 2011
i look lik virat himself and crazy fan .but still i go with yuvi .virat time will come as he is still young .
18 Nov 2011
i am a die hard fan of virat ! virat shuld get a chance bt not as Yuvi’s replacement!
18 Nov 2011
I believe it should be Cheteshwar Pujara and not Virat Kohli in Test Squad because Cheteshwar Pujara is more experienced in longer format.
17 Nov 2011