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A High Octane Love Affair

A High Octane Love Affair

I’ve been a crazy Formula One fan for as long as I can remember. F1 and me, it’s been a fairly torrid love affair. I fell in love in an instant, and was hooked for life. Happiness, for me, is watching a brilliant race on a lazy Sunday evening.

When I got the opportunity to see Sahara Force India’s drivers, Paul di Resta and Adrian Sutil in a candid interaction with players of the RCB team, Virat Kohli, Daniel Vettori and Kartik Murali, I was the happiest person in the world!

I’ll admit I spent the first few moments of the interaction in a state of dizzy excitement. Having previously only seen the drivers from a distance (apart from on television, of course!) it was just unreal to be able to see Paul and Adrian from such close quarters.

A thousand thoughts were racing through my head simultaneously:

Thought 1: “Oh My God, this is actually happening!”

Thought 2: “Both Paul and Adrian are so skinny!”

Thought 3: “Paul isn’t even scowling!”

Thought 4: “Maybe one of them is a future world champion!”

Thought 5: “I just hope I don’t faint with excitement!”

The interaction between the Sahara Force India drivers and the RCB players was candid, entertaining, and rather revealing. The conversation seamlessly moved from race-day routines to fitness regimes.

Kartik Murali was eager to know whether the common folklore about F1 drivers being asked to drink red wine four times a week was true (Not true) and Virat wondered whether either of the drivers had been caught speeding on the roads (They had not, though Virat himself had—“I can’t control my speed when I drive my R8,” he admitted.)

The RCB players speculated over whether they’d be able to fit the towering Chris Gayle into a F1 car (“You can get him in, okay, but you won’t be able to get him out!” joked Adrian). Virat wondered whether the F1 drivers ever felt nervous about driving at such high speeds, confessing that he occasionally felt slightly scared before big games.

The interaction ended, but I couldn’t stop smiling for a good ten hours after that.

In fact, I think I’m still smiling as I write this blog post!

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Hope these boys also do well, win many grand-prix and make some money for our Owner to restart his Airlines Business.
sudhirRCCB on 29 Apr 2013, 10:29 PM
nice pic
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