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For the Love of cricket – and Virat!

For the Love of cricket – and Virat!

RCB Fan Aarti Daryanani talks about her love for cricket and RCB Skipper Kohli!

Although I am of Indian origin, I was born and grew up outside of India. Cricket was relatively unfamiliar, in fact I always heard about the sport as a very lengthy and slow affair. 2012 saw me relocate to India for work and 6 months into my stint, as a Christmas gift I got the chance to attend one of the greatest matches of the year – India vs. Pakistan in Bangalore. I was very much looking forward to it however somewhere inside I thought to myself “it’s the 25th of December... would not Christmas pudding and mulled wine be a better option than this?!!”.

Surprisingly though, the time flew by. The game began and almost instantly there was anxiety, there was cheering, there was happiness, there was indignation.. a mix of emotions around me which, sat there amongst the crown, inevitably were felt by me too. I feel this is what ultimately connects me to the game – the feeling of unity with those around me. Things they felt, I felt those too. When they clapped, so did I, when they yelled, I felt like doing the same. Every day that goes by I realize how much more diverse this magical country is in all aspects, different people, languages, food, structures… Things that bring people together are few so experiencing one of them has been a really great moment, one which I always go back to when I feel a little lost with so much going on around me.

royal challengers

As for Virat, I can’t say much about his tactics or the strategy behind his game. What I can say is there’s power and determination in his eyes and it’s always great to see him on the pitch.

Aarti Daryanani is a consultant working in the water and sanitation sector. She was born in Venezuela brought up in Spain and now working in India!

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