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Ultimate Destination for RCB's Women Fans,by the Divas, for the Divas.

Girls Night Out

Girls Night Out

Hear the term Wives & Girlfriends and the image that comes to mind is a bunch of perfectly manicured ladies, with just stepped out of the salon hairstyles watching a sporting event .Well if you think this covers the wonderful other(better) halves of our challengers, you could not be more wrong.

These amazing bunch of ladies play multiple roles, they are emotional support, lucky charms, or as we like to call them Divas! Some of the most amazing and pleasant women that you will meet, each is accomplished in her own chosen field, be it law, marketing or the very hard task of being a support to an international cricketer.

royal challengers

Through the past few editions of the IPL, we have all gotten to know Alison Jennings. Yes she is the coach’s wife, which I think must be one of the toughest jobs around. While the coach has to deal with a group of 30 odd boys, Ali has to deal with all that plus the coach! To top it off her friendly manner has earned her the tag of Mother Hen (not one she enjoys but totally deserves) .Every season she takes the other wives, girlfriends and families of the players under her wing, turning virtual strangers into one big family.

Calm, composed and absolutely gorgeous, Ali Jennings can surprise you with her wicked sense of humour, needless to say there were many more laughs around the table thanks to this wonderful lady.
Another witty one in the group is a newbie to the RCB Family, Shweta Kartik. The first time I met her husband Kartik Murali, I was surprised by how media savvy and intelligent he was, and a few minutes with Shweta and I realised that it must run in the family. Shweta is incredible at what she does, managing the career of her sports star husband. Though she had only been in Bangalore for a couple of days, she was already the life of the dinner party!

royal challengers

When you first see her, Devyanshi Singh looks like any other cricket fan, petite and pretty. This lovely young lady is bowler RP Singh’s wife. The couple tied the knot in November last year. If you’ve been following the Diva Blogs, you already know that this lady has a way with words..and the piece de resistance is that she is a Lawyer! You wouldn’t want to get into an argument with this lady for sure(some auto drivers in the city will vouch for that). A self confessed disaster in the kitchen, she entertained and horrified the rest of the ladies with her stories in the kitchen..black popcorn, roasted crisp papad are just some of the items she specializes in!

The other newly wed is Danielle. She got married to AB de Villiers on the 30th of March, and then much flew straight to India with her husband for the IPL! To say that Danielle is gorgeous is an understatement. She could easily be a supermodel, but she is probably far too intelligent for that! Like her husband, Danielle too is one of the sweetest people I have ever met, and I’ll admit I’m always star struck and in awe every time I meet her. A bit shy, she takes her time to open up, get her talking about AB though and she’ll keep you entertained with plenty of little anecdotes.

Mrs Muralitharan ,Madhi Malar is the exact opposite of her husband. While Murali always has something to say and usually says it quite loudly, Madhi is more soft spoken and she is not a big fan of being in front of the camera. Off camera though it is easy to strike up a conversation with her. We spoke about Sri Lanka , her two little kids , how she deals with all the travel… and how she manages to look so young and stay super fit.

royal challengers

Now I’ll probably get into a bit of trouble, but no blog on these ladies would be complete without a mention of Meena Vaidya. If I had to use just one word to describe her it would be 'Rock Star'! She is opinionated, blunt and plenty of fun. From the best places to shop to a sharp comment on a player that isn’t pulling his weight, Meena is filled with one liners that will keep you in splits. If you expect politically correct you probably shouldn’t strike up a conversation with her. She says it like she sees it and to be honest it’s the best thing about her!

So there you go, the wonderful Divas that form the backbone of the RCB family. We know it can’t be easy, the constant travel, the high stress environment and all the quirks that come with being a celebrity spouse.These ladies carry it off with grace and charm. Let’s join them in raising a toast to the Divas of RCB..and that is my cue to bow out!

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