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Ultimate Destination for RCB's Women Fans,by the Divas, for the Divas.

How cheer your team at an away match?

How cheer your team at an away match?

Cheering for RCB at Kolkata was always an overwhelming experience for me. Be it the heckling, the stares or the sadistic pleasure I got when Gaylestorm announced it's arrival in the 2011 KKR-RCB game, it was all worth it. Standing alone amidst more than 100 jeering KKR fans was never easy but being a girl, at least n this case, helped a lot. Trust me as much as you love your team, you dont want to be beaten up.

So here are a few insights if you are cheering RCB away from Chinnaswamy

1. Make a group
Don't be a stand alone fan. Everyone in the home team turns into a potential assassin, and if you are found alone, well you join the dots. Save your skin, travel in a group.

2. Dress for the occasion
Wear and sport Red, Blue and Gold wherever you are. Cheer for your team. Nobody likes a subdued fan, and we at RCB especially don't. Let the boys spot even from a distance that they can still count on your cheers for that added bit of motivation.

3. Shut your ears to everything except your cheers
If you are not in Bangalore, chances are all other grounds would despise you, heckle you and even make you leave. But you gotta hold on. Take everything with a pinch of salt and remember your team needs your cheers. So, no matter how tough it gets or even if the boys don't perform well, don't stop the cheers, forget the jeers.

4. Don't change sides
I personally hate people who can't stick to their teams. So if you are one of those rest assure, the other team fans would also not like you. Nobody likes a fickle pickle. Even if the boys start losing, cheer for them till the last ball bowled.

5. Enjoy the game
Remember more than the team you support, it's about the love of the game. Respect the game and enjoy it. Be civil and a true sportsman like our Challengers are. All in good fun. Have fun, enjoy and cheer. After all your support will make a difference at the away matches for sure!

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Dats a great cheer
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