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Let’s get it starc-ed!

Let’s get it starc-ed!

Ikyatha Yerasala in conversation with RCB star Mitchell Starc

You’ve seen him take some brilliant catches and show his bombaat bowling skills this season. Chosen as one of IPL 7’s most valued players, this towering fast bowler has undoubtedly made a mark this season. We catch up with Australian cricketer Mitchell Starc, who gets talking about women’s cricket, his wicket keeper girlfriend and more.

An avid backer of women’s cricket, Starc has an interesting link to the ladies’ team. His girlfriend Alyssa Healy, is a wicket keeper and right handed bats(wo)man for the Australian women’s team. (Now, that’s one epic sporting combo!) “Alysa, my girlfriend and I are both heavily involved in cricket. It’s been great to be around supporting her – when I’ve been injured and out, we’ve had the chance to tour the same places together. It’s been fantastic and I’m very lucky to have her here, experiencing the IPL, supporting me and RCB over the last four weeks,” says Starc, of his partner, who he first met when he was all of nine. Another fantastic woman in his life is his mom, he says. “My parents have been my constant support. “It’s been great having them driving me around as a young guy getting around to all the different sports. I definitely couldn’t have done it without their support.”

His Twitter profile has a lot of updates showing his support for the cricketing girls. “The state of women’s cricket is definitely improving and so is the kind of exposure – which has come from playing the world T20 alongside the men. So, they’re getting more coverage. There are more games on TV, which is fantastic – I can only speak from the Australian side of cricket. The women work as hard as the men do and it’s great to see them get more and more recognition as the times get on,” he says.

What does he think of having something like the IPL for the girls? “I think the more competitions you add in, it’s going to be more beneficial not only to cricket, but also to the girls. It might be heading down that way as they’re bringing a lot more international formats, and T20 is the way to go through for women’s cricket at the moment as the girls play a lot of short format cricket. So, the addition of something like the IPL might be great for the girls and the more cricket you have for them, they’re going to welcome it with open arms.”

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