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What happens when a guy meets a girl who speaks about cricket?

What happens when a guy meets a girl who speaks about cricket?

Article by: Tazeen Syed

Somehow, most men tend to believe that they are the only ones who’ve been given the right by some superior authority to be enthusiastic about the cricket as a sport. Meeting a woman actually seriously interested in cricket is an alien concept.

Having come across many such species, here are five priceless reactions I have got from them:
1. Boy: *Strikes up a conversation on sports* Which sport do you like?
Me: Cricket
Boy: *Impressed* I was wondering if you want to catch up for a coffee?

2. Me: *Goes on and on about a particular game *
Boy: *Lost and dreamy eyed*
Me: Hello? What?
Boy: It’s quite attractive when girls talk about serious cricket
Me: ERM!

3. Me: *Tweets some fancy stat related to cricket*
Boy: *Counter-reacts and asks another stat trivia to check if a girl really knows her cricket*
Me: *Answers without any expression*
Boy: *Still in a state of shock, asks a another stat trivia to double check*
Me: *Answers again without much effort*
Boy: *Disappears and hides behind his ego*

4. Me: God forbid, if I have an altering view on the sport from the higher authorities ie. The men.
Boy: *Offended* *tries to dig every possible fact, name and instance in the history of cricket since its inception to not prove his view but to prove his knowledge*
Me: *Start to appreciate Ravi Shashtri’s commentary instead*

5. Boy: Oh so you are one of those girls who are cricket fan coverts post the T20 era. You know we ‘real fans’ don’t consider T20 as a real sport right?
Me: No. I have been interested in cricket since a kid. As an Indian I have always been attached to the sport.
Boy: Aah, then it must have started off with crushing on Rahul Dravid, then Dhoni and now Virat Kohli.
Me: *Gives up*
Girls, if you’ve come across some similar reactions or have funnier ones to add do share them below!

Photo credit: Roycin D'souza

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