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Ultimate Destination for RCB's Women Fans,by the Divas, for the Divas.

What type of fan are you?

What type of fan are you?

Mithila Mehta takes a humourous look at the types of RCB fans we see during IPL. Tell us, what type of fan are you?

The Expert: She knows everything. Every detail, every statistic and every fact. Do you know the IPL batting average of Mitch Starc? Well, she does. Never, ever make the mistake of getting into an argument with her—she is sure to destroy you with her deep knowledge of the game. There’s a lot you can learn from her, so do pay close attention when she speaks.

The Fanatic: She’s crazy about cricket. And she’s not scared to show it. The Fanatic takes fan adoration to a whole new level. Over the top, what’s that? Spotting her in the crowd is easy. Look for the loudest spectator, the one dressed from head to toe in RCB attire. If you observe closely, you will notice that she’s painted on the RCB logo onto her fingernails. Her phone has a RCB backdrop and she’s carefully doodled the RCB logo into all her notebooks.

The Closet Fan: She’s the fan you would not ever expect to be a fan. The quiet one, who hides all her fanatic ways behind a calm, unassuming veil. Scratch a little deeper and you will be surprised to find a dedicated RCB fan who never misses a single game! Pretty sneaky, eh?

The IPL lover: The fan who loves not cricket, but IPL! The IPL Lover comes alive in the three months of IPL, following every ball, every run, every player. She finds IPL very exciting and loves the close games and nail-biting finishes—and considers ordinary cricket boring in comparison. Once IPL season ends, she goes into a cricketing hibernation—only to return next season, IPL love intact!

The Newbie: Until recently, she didn’t have the slightest interest in cricket and IPL. Suddenly, the game has caught her fancy—and she’s hooked! She watches IPL matches with a strange sense of wonder and fascination, almost as if she’s falling in love with it ever so gradually. The Newbie is ever-ready to listen to new opinions and anecdotes on the sport, making a mental note of them for future use. Look out for her—she’s likely to be tomorrow’s Expert or Fanatic fan.

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