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Why I love being at an IPL game

Why I love being at an IPL game

RCB Diva Mithila Mehta has fallen in love with the game!

Am I a crazy cricket fan? I’d be lying if I said yes. I know and understand cricket for sure (as does any self-respecting Indian) but that’s pretty much it.

This month, however, something strange and wonderful has happened. I have been sucked into the world of IPL—the world of cricket—and wow, am I loving it!
I love being at IPL games. And here’s why!

1. Because anything can happen and nothing is certain. And who doesn’t find that sort of whimsical uncertainty exciting?

2. There’s something very special about cheering along with a stadium-full of other fans for your favourite team. Bonding with strangers, yes we love that!

3. I love seeing families coming together to watch games. Old ones, young ones—all coming together to shout and scream and cheer, together. Away from the cellphones, televisions and laptops.

4. Let’s face it, we’re an impatient generation. But the IPL takes that into account to ensure that there isn’t a single boring moment—especially when your favourite team (mine’s RCB, of course) is batting!

5. The music they play is better than most of the best clubs in town. True story.

6. Passion. There’s just so much passion resounding in the air at every game, it’s infectious. You come back feeling so alive, never mind the outcome!

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