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A dream come true!

A couple of RCB fans met up with the Web TV Crew and some RCB stars..What happened then? Check it out..

26th is a date which
forever remains important in the Indian scheme of things. Sometimes, a 26th is
remembered for the wrong and very often for the right reasons. The 26th of
April 2011, shall be remembered in the RCB records as a day when justice was
done to one of the oldest stadiums in the country, i.e. Ferozeshah Kotla. I
mean, how can such a historic ground be a jinxed one and the RCB team proved
that is not the case, by beating Delhi in a daring encounter on that night.

Well, I was sure
about the team's win chances even before the boys stepped on the Kotla turf. It
was just one of those days when the gut feeling is too strong and too clear.
However, the real memories and the joy of the day began much earlier for me.
Evening before the game, Web TV Crew member Vikram called me to ask if I could
take time out to be at Maurya Sheraton for a chat about the game. A little bit
of rescheduling done and I managed to sneak enough time to do that. Alongwith
my best friend and a die hard Daniel Vettori fan Priyanka, I reached the venue
shortly after ten in the morning. Whereas I looked forward to meeting the Web
TV Crew members and to come across some of my favorite players, Priyanka had a
simpler agenda 'Daniel Vettori'.

The Web TV Crew
guys, Vikram Kalveer and Abhishek gave us good company as we waited eagerly for
a glimpse of the new RCB captain. Luck is a funny thing and though, I got to
get clicked with Daniel after a few minutes, Priyanka missed him by a whisker
as she had gone over to the other side of the hotel lobby at that very moment.
Though when I told Daniel that there was another fan waiting for him, he
smilingly assured me that he would be back downstairs in a while and then would
like to meet her.

Considering the busy
schedule of the players prior to an all important match, we as well as the Web
TV Crew were not entirely sure if Daniel would meet us at that place. In the
meanwhile we came across a majority of the RCB and Daredevil players as well as
many of the KKR players, who were in town for some practice sessions. As we
observed the players milling around with each other and the hotel staff, we
felt greatly pleased to see that most of them are really nice human beings and
with a very nice attitude towards non-celebrity people. Special mention goes to
Gautam Gambhir, who was extremely amiable and when asked to pose for a picture
he promptly disconnected a call and even when he was in a hurry to go to his
room after a practice in the hot sun, he didn’t get into the lift until we got
a picture with him and conveyed our message. Shakib Al Hassan and Irfan Pathan
were also quite nice to speak to.

In RCB camp,
Abhimanyu Mithun is always a nice guy and a pleasure to come across. The Lankan
master blaster TM Dilshan, who now makes way for Dirk Nannes in the final
eleven, is a real charmer and heart winner. He was so humble, soft spoken and endearing
that we felt as if we were talking to a friend and not a cricket star. When I
asked him, “You have played at Kotla in Daredevils colors till now and today
you are going to be there, donning our colors against them so how does it
feel?” Dilshan smiled and said “Feels great to be with RCB” and then turning a
bit serious he remarked, “We have got to win today!”. Later on Priyanka
quipped, “I was always a Daniel Vettori fan, but, from now on I will be a
Dilshan fan too.” With such nice personalities, who are focus on winning, I am
not surprised that RCB is doing so well and is set to win this year’s IPL.

The team captain had
still eluded Priyanka and with the clock striking two, we wondered if we had
anymore time or opportunity to meet him and just then luck struck. Daniel
walked out towards the restaurant for lunch and we met him there. He asked us
to wait for a while and said he would join us after the meal. We patiently
waited in the lobby outside with Abhishek and a few other people related to RCB
giving us company. Daniel was sitting in the cafeteria at a place from where we
could directly see each other and realizing that we had been waiting for quite
sometime to meet him, he walked out of the restaurant after placing his order
to meet us. Only after we both got duly clicked with him and conveyed our
messages, he went back to have his meal. Such humility and care for his fans,
coming from an international player of Daniel Vettori’s stature completely
bowled us over. “Most of the times whenwe meet celebrities about whom we have
been crazy all our lives, the craze weans and the charm is lost by realizing
that they are not as good as we imagine them to be. However, in Daniel’s case,
the charm has multiplied and he is simply a superb person.” A delighted
Priyanka told me as we headed back with the satisfaction of hours well spent.

As per my gut
feeling, later on that evening RCB won a superb battle and unleashed a
spectacular victory march which shall continue this evening too. The unbeaten
run of Daredevils against us at Kotla ended that evening, but, our minds kept
going back to the first half of the day. Priyanka proudly says that she and Daniel are lucky for each other :)

I specially thank
Vikram for inviting us and in turn helping someone’s decade old wish come true
and Kalveer for being a good company. As for Abhishek, I can’t thank him enough
for being with us throughout the entire duration of our being there, which
stretched to several hours and ensuring that we felt special and accompanied.
That’s the kind of stuff that good friends are made of.  Guys, you all are great and it was a pleasure
meeting you!


(This blog would ideally have been here a couple of weeks back, but, my being out of town and away from internet delayed it. Anyhow, now is always the best time to do things :))

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This is a nice initiative. Hope it runs every year.
shriram-jagadeesan on 26 Jun 2011, 07:40 PM
yeah it was a great team work and captaincy by KOHLI
anand-seshadri on 12 May 2011, 09:26 PM
this best team which is friendly and has youngest captain
mitu123 on 12 May 2011, 09:10 PM
virat proves rite to b the youngest captain
zorse on 12 May 2011, 07:00 PM
ya , surely it was a great win
majesticmahi on 12 May 2011, 06:32 PM
RCB is simply the best.
shriram-jagadeesan on 12 May 2011, 04:57 PM
such a nice side RCB!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
eoin16annto on 12 May 2011, 10:56 AM