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A Fine Balancing Act….But Next Time, Let’s Please The Girls Too!

It was a fine balancing act by the jury, taking into account the many "subtle, psychological and social pressures" that come with making a decision in a contest of this type.

The girls will never express their unhappiness, but there is an opportunity to keep them happy without being asked to!


FFC2 was a much easier competition logistically and in several others senses – compared to FFC1. And it looks like the overall weight and quality of the four Chiefs selected is so high, that the monitors of our laptops and desktops may explode! The addition of podcasters and videographers makes it more colorful and interesting. Siva had set exceptional standards in photography during CLT20 and everyone is sure Ashish is a fitting replacment. So the overall experience for fans on the RCB site will be far superior.



The jury has done a commendable job in giving practically every parameter its due importance. To fanatic fans like me, who have been harping on “length of membership” as one of the key considerations, there isn’t much reason to be disappointed about. The Podcaster, Photographer and Videographer have all been with the fan club since September 09 (or earlier).



Some of the contestants to whom I spoke mentioned that they were asked questions like “Why did you become a fan club member so late”, “where were you during CLT0 and IPL2009”, “if you weren’t cheering us during IPL2009, you must have been cheering some other team – which was it “, etc etc Way2Go jury, thank you for not letting the fanatics down.



I have no clue about assessing photographers, videographers and podcasters. To me, they all look good but I can never “assess” them. Blogger is what I am – good or bad, doesn’t matter!



Aneesh, though a late entrant, was clearly ahead of the competition. None would dispute that. If RCB was looking for “the best”, probably they’ve got it. The dilemma comes if RCB was looking for “a very good, highly acceptable, meets or  surpasses expectations on all criteria, including length of membership and history of loyalty to fan club”.



In a subjective assessment like this, like no two watches show the same time, no two individuals would have the same opinion. And the opinion of the jury is what counts.


The Girls Need More Space



But what muddies the water is the fact the application of two female contestants got “misplaced” or “lost”. And if these two happen to be two intensely fanatic fans who have been giving their heart out for months to win this coveted job (openly expressing they will forego exams, delay marriage, etc etc) and could have been a semblance of a challenge to Aneesh, they would have every reason to feel bitter about it. When the jury was out, their disappointment about their blogs being lost was obvious, their fear that they may therefore lose out was high and when the verdict was given, they hid their disappointment well and were busy grabbing their share of time and fame with Ray Jennings on their cameras. But how long will they hide?



Sambit Bal’s special mention of them was a consolation – though not sure if they were satisfied with that. Apparently, Sambit’s explanation was “Aneesh was chosen on the basis of his experience and the fact that he has a future in this field. We just gave him a platform”. This is a loaded statement which can possibly be interpreted as a “gender bias”, especially by the female contestants. It will help if RCB clears the air and communicates that it is indeed an “equal opportunity fan club” so that future fans and applicants from the fairer gender will have no qualms about pining for a role in their club!



Women Power @ RCBFC



In fact, while the world is busy giving their mind share to IPL2010, I was thinking of something different. Right in my neighbourhod, about 5 minutes walk from where I live, I often see former cricketer and India captain, Shanta Rangaswamy, coaching a bunch of female cricketers. I was planning to have a series of visits to their camp, introduce myself as an RCB Blogger and start giving some coverage to them too! If we don’t give space to female cricketers on this site (if not as Future Challengers at least as stakeholders in the game itself), how can we see them as fans? I am keen that this site should give some space to players of “Future Women’s IPLT20” but a clarification from RCB on being an equal opportunity club in every way would certainly help.



As a "woman" who scored the first century at KSCA (and probably in Indian cricket), as one who hit the first sixer by a woman at KSCA (and perhaps in India), Shanta represents the kind of woman who the Dishas, Purnimas, Niyatis and Poojas are trying to emulate in cricket publishing, if not in playing. But in the absence of a midwife or a "platform" to facilitate the process, "women cricket publishers" may never be born. For "the resilient woman" of the 21st century is not yet as as strong as the resilient women of last quarter of 20th century when Shanta and Diana first donned the pads and gloves and took their stance at the wicket. In her late 50s, if Shanta is to be "coaching budding women cricketers" (probably with a bit of her own money!), I would rate her passion for cricket higher than that of Sachin or Kumble! Sometimes we tend to mistake "natural gift" as passion!)


And let me assure you, for me to watch the match either on the ground or on TV at home, I need the permission of 3 “empowered girls” right in my home who make all decisions on my movements and preoccupations! So that I don’t go astray!! And I empower them not because they are the best a man can get, but they are the ones who love me and I love them!



Making It A Fan Club With A Difference


A celebrity I met recently told me:" I can understand your fanaticism for Karnataka but I can't understand your fanaticism for RCB. Sooner or later, you will realize that IPL is a business - a business that can't run without fan support. To the owners, it s about branding and valuation. That will be their prime consideration, not fan sentiment". A point of view I refused to accept or even acknowledge.


Some day, hopefully, if the fan cub can have a framework that outlines its philosophy, vision, mission, core values, objectives, strategy and actions, I think it will be the beginning of a fantastic new experience with the club for fans – present and future.


Till then, the 50,000 Raghus will, however, continue to throng the eastern stands of KSCA with the same excitement and fervour as they first did when Karnataka played Hyderabad in the 1970s at the very same grounds in the hot sun without shade and water. For, as the cliche goes, "the show must go on".


Still want to make a future in cricket publishing? Call Rekha Menon, Executive Director, Accenture India and check if they can start a cricket portal - for women, by women! Let's see if she means what she says in her message for IWD 2010.



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Latest comments

Thanks to all those who commented on this post. We should appreciate the 2 girls who have taken this in their stride in good spirit.

I completely accept Anisha's explanation that it was a human error and it was a coincidence that the 2 missing blogs happened to be of female applicants. My only contention was on:

Recency+1st Best > Proven Loyalty+2nd Best

Read > as "Greater Than"

Sometimes, it will be nice to say (like Cricinfo says on their blog comments) "Correspondence on this topic is closed"
Raghunath on 07 Mar 2010, 09:07 PM
Mr. Raghunath: Thank you for your sincere concern :)

Every experience is a learning lesson and that's what I would like to take fwd from here.

Congrats and All the best to all the winners :)
purnima-malhotra on 05 Mar 2010, 11:44 PM
@Anisha: Thank you for the clarification. But shouldn't the organizers be held responsible for such a school boy error. if they make such errors, the term "being professional" as absolutely no meaning.
fanaticrcb on 05 Mar 2010, 11:36 PM
@Sandeep: It's the point I was making, U deserved it all for the kind of homework u did. U already had worked up a theme, while most of us did some random shooting and tried hard to convince ray that it really was a theme! Ur audition video is something that i liked too, What the judges saw was a trailer of what they want you to make and hence the decision. I'm sure u'll do a good job with it. We as fans and fellow contestants are here to help, just let us know! I'll meet you when you guys are down in Chennai :)

Disha, Sambit bal did take ur name, now that is something we all are proud about! If there is a FFC 3 and Sambit is still the Judge, he knows what he's dealing with :)

Raghu: Sorry for discussing some stupid things in the comments and taking attention off the message u were giving, "Giving more space to the girls!" :)
KunJan on 05 Mar 2010, 10:56 PM
Thanks Anisha for your response. Based on your inputs, I have added a few paragraphs in the later portion of my post.
Raghunath on 05 Mar 2010, 04:47 PM
@Anisha- Nidhi later found the two missing blogs too. ie Aneesh's and Kuber's. We were right there when the final list of blogs was counted. Its alright no point in ruing over it now. The chiefs will surely do a great job, I'm sure. :)
disha-shetty on 05 Mar 2010, 08:07 AM
@ Raghunath and fanaticrcb -
This is what happened -
While submissions were made, the names got messed up for most of the bloggers. This includes most of the bloggers – INCLUDES ANEESH, KUBER AMONG OTHERS…. This is 100% the organisers fault. We take full responsibility for the same and apologize for the error that happened.
By co-incidence, it happened to be 2 of the girls among them…. I assure you that this was by sheer coincidence. 3 of the community managers here are girls and atleast I to say am a feminist and would not tolerated such bias. In fact in the last couple of days, I have had to moderate a few comments which were sexist targeted towards us girls being community managers.
How we addressed this mistake was- we called all the bloggers and informed them about what had happened. Then along with their submissions we also presented to the judges few extra blog posts made on RC website at different times. Please also note that – the applications were completely recoverable yesterday as we had our back up IT team.
About winners- As far as the dilemma abt males being chosen over females goes - the judges had a discussion and a debate about selection between Pooja and RadioSandeep. In the end, the opinion of the majority based on quality was taken.
As far as blogging goes, Sambit Bal did mention the girls as their favourites and in the end made a decision based solely on quality of work… Im sure you will agree after reading Aneesh’s blogs.
anisha@RCB on 05 Mar 2010, 07:43 AM
ya pradeep.. :-)
Ray did ask me if i can do few more challenging tasks. I Hope he was at-least serious about that film thing.
He actually said YES when i asked him again when he announced my name..
Lets see if we are really allowed to go to that extant.. :-)
mail2sandy42 on 05 Mar 2010, 07:35 AM
hehehe Sandeep.. u don't have to fill any blanks.. but yeah.. making a movie in 6 weeks.. looks very challenging.. i love that idea.. u know what.. why not make a good movie about RCB in IPL a feature length / may be Documentary.. reality cinema... u have all the actors/players, fans, coach, locker room and bus access and you are a musician.. MAN u should make a movie :)
Praxtor on 05 Mar 2010, 07:28 AM
Hey friends.. Hope i can add something.. :-)
Are we not supposed to do any home work?? does everyone sit & compose music while shooting the video? Or does someone come to the contest & then look for a theme or some music online?
Everyone does their bit of home work. we need to know what the blanks are to "Fill in the blanks" and thats what i did sitting at home. I had written those lines for my film & i did mention this to Ray and kumble during the interview.
The only question they asked back was:
"Can you make a movie out of the next 6 weeks"

Now iam sitting & wondering how i can fill in these blanks with some of the others who deserved to get selected..
mail2sandy42 on 05 Mar 2010, 07:25 AM
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