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A last minute invite, a fight, and a semi-final spot in sight!

Being part of the first Banglore Mighty 14, I was lucky to get tickets to watch 3 matches vs Kings XI, Rajasthan Royal and Deccan Chargers. The last one was the first loss I experienced in the stadium and I didn’t want to sign off on a losing note. After all, I had a nice winning streak going. I made up my mind; I had to get tickets for the match vs KKR and watch them win. Besides, I still needed Ross Taylor’s signature on my poster.


my poster


Unfortunately I only came to this epiphany the night before the match and tickets sold out a week ago.


Well, I wasn’t deterred.


After all, when Nidhi only had a XL Mighty 14 jersey for me after I requested a small, I did not accept my fate and continue looking like a fashion faux-pas when even the cricketers had shorter sleeves. The next day I revamped my jersey into a fabulous figure hugging cap sleeve jersey!


My never-say-die attitude worked again. At the last possible minute, on the day of the match, I recieved two complimentary tickets for me and my little brother courtesy a very nice RCB cricketer.


I got front row seats behind the press in P1 stand and I was thrilled. The small crowd there seemed quiet compared to the other stands and I was worried maybe I’d be the most boisterous out of the whole lot. Boy, was I wrong!


Soon after the match started, a bunch of late-comers started bringing chairs from inside and plopping themselves in front of us. Everyone in our stand started complaining, yelling at the offenders and also the guard who let them in. There were a lot of small children who couldn’t see because of them including my brother and things were getting tense. Sure this happens in every part of the stadium, but our section being particularly small made it more easier for things to get out of hand.


On the other side of the gate, the P1 stand that was closer to the dugout seemed to be having more fun. The were cheering creative slogans and having such a great time the cameraman raced over and focused exclusively on their them. Meanwhile we were still squabbling. It didn’t help KKR was going hammer and tongs at this point and we were still searching for that first wicket. Although one of Chris Gayle’s sixes landed 5 feet away from me(!) and woke us all up, it was Kallis who finally provided us something to cheer about getting Gayle to loft the ball to Dravid.


Meanwhile, more smart alecs were trying to seat themselves in front of us, but RCB made sure to distract us from our troubles by getting wickets and not letting any partnership build for KKR. By the time Vinay Kumar bowled the last over, the security guards finally took action and chased the people blocking our view away. The smiles were back on the faces in our stand and we sensed victory was certain.


When Kallis got out, the KKR fans in our stand roared with delight. But us RCB fans weren’t worried; we saw Dravid making his way out to the center before the rest of the stadium could tell who was coming and our stand hooted and cheered. Dravid hit some amazing fours and it was fantastic to finally see my favorite player get to bat. The 7th over was a quiet one, but we were in good spirits. Hussey came on for Gayle and was fielding in front of us and try as we might to get his attention, he didn’t look back. Someone even told him to sit down because they couldn’t see! Some girls in the back tried to collectively scream his name, but no response. I then decided to scream out Dravid’s name and voila! Four!


After that things became quiet again in the middle, but I couldn’t say the same for here in our stand. A KKR fan started arguing heatedly with an RCB fan right behind me. Before we know it, a fist fight happened, people were backing away as chairs were flying and getting broken. Pandamonium! Anyone in their way was also getting hit so I quickly dragged my brother into the front. By this time, the journalists zoomed their cameras at us and our stand was the center of attention.


courtesy Chief Photographer Ashish Parmar


Our Chief Photgrapher managed to take this pic of everyone looking at us from above.


The guards finally came and had to take them out but they were still throwing punches and even though I went in front to be safe, I ended up getting scratched by one of the guys. Cah-razy stuff. In a weird way, all of this sort of brought our stand closer and I even had people asking me whether I was hurt, but I was fine. Someone broke the ice and said there are more chairs nows and we all smiled. Although we missed an over due to the commotion, we resumed watching the match just in time to see Dravid hit those 2 sixes and get his 50! Unfortunately he got out a few balls later, but Robin Uthappa gave us plenty to cheer about. He and Ross dealt some lusty blows and I think there is a lesson in there somewhere: let the batsmen do the hitting, not the crowd! Especially if there is a weak person like me there in the crowd! ;)


We won the match and I’m much happier with the team composition and batting order. I’d really like to see Merwe get another go, in place of Cameron White because he brings a lot to the table with his bowling, fielding and batting and White is only being used as a batsman. I look forward to watching us win the next three matches in the safety of my living room! wink This day was definitely the most memorable day I’ve ever had at the stadium. Thanks to the RCB player who gave me the tickets! I didn’t know I signed up for all that excitement, but it was a lot of fun! Let’s make it to semis and I promise I will be brave and venture out to the stadium to watch that! 


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lovely article! and am sure it was a great experience :)
Nilesh-Hiray on 13 Apr 2010, 01:31 AM
Who was that nice RCB cricketer? I would like to get a pass as well :)
Sriram-Krishnaprasad on 12 Apr 2010, 09:25 PM
do you know if some one has a pic of the people having a fight?? they did not show this on TV ;-(
kkaranam on 12 Apr 2010, 06:01 PM