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A tale of keyed up MYSOREANS!

The 4th best place to visit in the world in 2010 according to the NY times, Mysore is a small yet proud city. Mysore is a cricket crazy city like its counterpart Bangalore.

Unlike other cities, we Mysoreans are excited about Ranji Trophy matches which take place here. Unlike other cities, we watch Ranji Trophy matches on every single day resulting in the stadium being jam packed. Unlike other cities, we carry placards and vuvuzelas to Ranji trophy matches and cheer on our heroes. Unlike other cities, we scramble for Ranji trophy passes and hope with all our hearts that we at least have a glimpse at our heroes from a close angle. Unlike other cities, we fight to get autographs from extra players as well!!!

Last year, when it was announced that the Ranji Trophy finals between Karnataka and Mumbai would be held in Mysore, there was reverie all around. It was like the world cup final was going to be held in Mysore. Rated as the best wicket and best atmosphere to play in by Sunil Gavaskar, the Gangothri Glades stadium was full to the brim with people perched on trees trying to get a glimpse of the action. Unlucky people who could not get a seat in 6the packed stadium crowded at electronic stores watching action live on NEO SPORTS! Karnataka lost and there was shouts of Uthappa down down! :(

However, a lot has changed, yet remained the same in the last 8 months. People have started respecting Robin Uthappa again thanks to his brilliant batting in the IPL. However, the average Mysorean hasn't lost his interest in cricket and has been waiting all along for the next Ranji match. THEY WILL GET A TASTE OF THE ACTION, COME WEDNESDAY WHEN KARNATAKA TAKE ON BARODA AT THE GANGOTHRI GLADES STADIUM. I'VE BOOKED MY PASS, HOW ABOUT YOU, OTHER MYSOREANS?

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Latest comments

Good post Nikhil! We should attend some matches there...am sure the stadium is awesome.
praveen-rcforlife on 10 Dec 2010, 08:50 PM
Good one Nikhil :) Lovely write up !!!
Aak on 09 Dec 2010, 02:00 AM
Nice 1 Nikhil......Feeling bad that i cant come to Glades due to xams..:(..Hoping for KA Vs TN finals at Mysore and....and.........Hope RD's services are available for KA...[:)]
Ramanuja-Ethan on 07 Dec 2010, 09:01 AM
hey, very well written Nikhil, crispy write up, Cheers, Sanjay Urs
vinayak-sanjay on 07 Dec 2010, 06:48 AM
A very good write-up.I was in Saraswathipuram when the inaugural match was played in 1997 b/w Karnataka XI and India-Karnataka XI.I just cannot forget that experience.The game had the stalwarts of Karnataka cricket,Dravid,Kumble,Prasad,Joshi,Srinath,Kirmani,Prasanna and others.
Ranji trophy mathces are being held on a regular basis in Mysore.The finals last year was a classic one at that.It is one of the best cricket matches that I have watched,intl. and domestic.Add to it,the present Karnataka team has champion stuff to it.You will see this team go to great heights.We will throw up some genuine match-winners like Pandey,Mithun,Rahul to the national team.Jumbo and co. running the KSCA...This is really exciting!!!I must admit the Ranji matches are giving far more excitement and interesting me these days than those involving India.From Bangalore,I wish those of you going for the Ranji tie against Baroda in Mysore a great experience and hope that Karnataka wins.Lets hope that the wicket stands up to its reputation of being the best domestic wicket in the country.
Vibhuthi-Chandra on 07 Dec 2010, 06:23 AM