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Akhil Balachandra: Challenger of the Day

RCB's experienced domestic cricketer on fun in Southa Africa (IPL-2), the impact of Jennings and Kumble, and the next tattoo he's going to get.

Watching the second innings of the RCB-DC match from the President's box in the Chinnaswamy stadium, Akhil Balachandra came over for a live chat with the fans and had a blast. 




Photograph courtesy Chief Photographer Ashish Parmar


On the funnest RCB off field moment


It was this time when we went to a bowling alley in South Africa during IPL-2. The challenge was to hit the pins in the weirdest way possible. Jesse Ryder threw the ball hard into the gutter and it hit the rim, bounced back in his lane and ended up getting a strike!


Then Shreevats was picked up and used as a pendulum as they swung him back and forth and he released the ball from his hand while swinging upwards. It was a ball.


On the impact Ray Jennings and Anil Kumble have made to the side


It's been amazing. Ray focused more on the motivational side of things and getting the team together whereas Anil is more tactical and a fighter. He instils that spirit into the team which has helped it reach great heights


On the next tattoo he's going to get (He has his zodiac sign etched on his arm)


A big one on my back but I don't know what yet!


On something fun he's heard about cricket lately


I heard there was a T20 tournament played in Andaman & Nicobar islands. That must have been a beautiful setting to play matches. Even the prospect of the IPL going to the U.S. sounds exotic to me. 


On an RCB player who knows how to chill


Dale Steyn for sure. He's one guy who cracks everyone up all the time. He's relaxed, and is himself. Gets along great with everyone in the team!


On an interesting thing he owns


A labrador dog that bites! What are the odds of that happening?! It must be one in a million.

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