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Bits & Pieces, of Luck!

If one notices a consistent feature of this year's CLT so far, I feel its the Luck or Mis(s) Fortune factor that is affecting the various sides all of whom are equally strong! Few bits & pieces here..


Darren Ganga - an astrologer's delight:

If we were to find a few players who need to consult an astrologer, perhaps Darren Ganga of T&T would be first on the queue! He perhaps does not know what is hitting him and why! To lose two matches in a row off the last ball of the match where anyone of the 3 results that were possible must be so hard for this young team from the West Indies that has a significant 'Indies' (Indian) flair in them. If you ask me, I too am crestfallen and feel really sad for the TrinTob side.

Is Dhoni's Miss-Fortune visit over?

Talking of luck, Indian captain's luck factor that was with him over the last few years till the end of IPL, but which had deserted him completely in the last two series, more importantly, the England series, initially appeared to be continuing into this CLT. The first match in which his side CSK lost to Mumbai gave me this thought. However, Dhoni's men put in a stronger performance in the second match and put the dame luck factor to rest. Well, its too early in the tournament and we may see more of the days with tussle between strong performance and miss fortune!

Sachin, Harbhajan and the Mumbai luck factor:

When you mention Mumbai and its two wins, one must look at the change in guard there - from Sachin to a stand-in Harbhajan. If one remembers well, and many fans will vouch for, despite being the GREATEST cricketer ever in the world (mind you, I am not a fan of any individual cricketer, but there is hardly any doubt that Sachin Tendulkar leads the pack of all time cricketers in terms of cricketing talent, ability, durability and performance; and every player or fan knows about this), Sachin is often termed as an unlucky cricketer, and I have found many situations for this. Starting from his captaincy stint in the 1990s and his 2010 so far has caused many heart breaks (his 3 centuries this year, two for India where one match was tied with England, one lost to South Africa, and then his maiden T20 century for a losing cause). Perhaps for this reason, many people like me were happy when Sachin got out in the WC finals for a small score and India won.

From this point of view, I think Sachin's presence outside the ground, or Harbhajan's first-timer good luck factor may have helped Mumbai to post 2 close victories so far. Bhajji indicated that as much in the post match interview.


RCB: Luck factor or Poor captaincy?

When it comes to RCB's performance, I am not too sure if luck factor played any role. I felt that captain Vettori was having his mind on something else when he was physically on the ground. That perhaps explains the reliance on Gayle instead of using the other left arm spinner Syed Mohammed more, also of not using Virat Kohli's dibbly-dobblers (a stuff that Vettori's countryman Chris Harris has used many times to take wickets, and Kohli himself proved in the ODIs against England recently) and that miserable field placement off the last ball when 2 were required to win. With Sreenath Aravind bowling such a wonderful over, with full length and straight stump line, I was hoping that Dan would place 2 fielders in the ring and two outside, all in the V (mid on to mid off area), but that was not to be, and the batsman got what the doctor ordered and was very pleased to hit straight and run two. We cant really blame the fielding lapses, they are part of the game anyway.


Mr Luck - Man of the Series?

In conclusion, as all teams appear to be strong and tough, I feel the luck factor could be the deciding factor in the final analysis, along with matured and controlled captaincy factor.

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If Zak is back then all problems of RCB will be cleared
kiran0520 on 01 Oct 2011, 09:13 AM
hope the fielding & bowling click.....
gopalkyashwar on 01 Oct 2011, 01:26 AM
hope the fielding & bowling CLICK
Shetty009 on 30 Sep 2011, 07:08 AM
Luck is important at times of tie
srivarun on 30 Sep 2011, 06:39 AM
ya true always luck plays
lucky4rcb on 30 Sep 2011, 03:42 AM