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Share with us how close is the team to your heart or that one moment that gave you goosebumps .

BLOGGIT - World of RCB

Exploring this red and gold world of RCB

Part 1 - RCB is RCB,


RCB Means Royal Challengers Bangalore. But it also may mean Ripple Cool Brand. Ah what does that mean,


Ripple like a Small Wave like the RCB has done in our lives but it has created huge waves of admiration, loyalty to this brand.


RCB is cool, its cool as a cucumber cool as ice. It brings a feel of freshness, calmness when i browse through these pages. It creates a sense of excitement when the RCB team wins a match.


Its a Brand for sure. Name Royal really means this brand is royal and global. We have some great players who are a brand in themselves. Getting associated with such a awesome brand and spreading the word about them itself brings joy.


Part 2 - RCB is red and gold personified,


Red and Gold everywhere. Look at your jerseys and i am sure when u wear them , first thing people notice is not you but your jerseys haha. For me many have complemented about the jersey design and its cozy looks. Personally, appealing color Red and Gold woven beautifully makes RCB jersey way too good and a must wear.


RCB site is painted in red and gold. Its a source of inspiration, when i visit the site i really get pleased by background colors of the site and this inspires me to come often. Whenever i have presented (most recently in the Idea Champion Document) i always use the Red and Gold. Also this color gives rich feeling, a royal feeling.


When our players who are representatives of we fans wear the jerseys and play for RCB we easily know they give there 100% for the team.


Part 3 - RCB fans are amazing,


Well there is nothing more to tell about this, its a proven fact that fans here go above and beyond there time to make sure RCB Club and website is the best. I see people putting so much effort in doing meetups, photography etc, this shows lot of passion among fans. We fans breathe Red and Gold and i feel lucky to have many of the friends through RCB from whom i am learning a lot about the game, about RCB ...


RCB fans deserve a huge round of applause coz they are unstoppable w.r.t referring friends, giving ideas, arranging meetups. I restress this club is only going get better because of the passionate fans and there never say die attitude.


Finally i want to thank, innumerable people who are working behind the scenes in one way or the other to improve the club, website, engaging fans etc. I may not know all of you but this small thank you is my first introduction note for an everlasting friendship.


Sachin - A RCB Fan ...










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Very well written Sachin! Loved it!
Wizardprince on 17 Jul 2010, 12:45 AM
ha ha nice one....
srishti-gajare on 16 Jul 2010, 05:59 AM