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Breathing Fire

RCB's bang-on as they enter the last four.

royal challengers


So RCB’s treading the correct path – having
shown their potential, have suffered some reverses. Well, it’s dangerous when
you’re winning everything, so this is good. Remember all the famous upsets to
so called champion sides right through the World Cups and even our premier


While it doesn’t sound inspiring to be an
underdog (clarifying we’re not), it’s good to get our backsides kicked at the
right time. Of course the loss to the Indians
was too close to define as a loss, the earlier one (Redbacks?) showed us how we
need to work on our lacunae. Imagine if we’d beaten those guys.... there would
have been no way to find out during this tournament where we’re lacking. And
boom would have come the great upset to us ... even against some nondescript..
hush.. perish the thought..


Inspired is the word I’d use for RCB. They
have the cannons to blast other teams but just mustn’t get ahead of themselves.
Anil, the sage skipper that he is will ensure that doesn’t happen. Remember,
the high expectations the whole world had of RCB before the tournament
started.? That’s bound to bring in pressure.... so it was alright to drop a
game or two.


Look who’s coming to the party... Virat Kohli.
Kumble sent his inspired samurai in the last game knowing he’d want to avenge
the close loss to the Indians. And
boy oh boy, did the kid deliver! All that talk about Virat being a
‘scissorfoot’ (read wrong footwork) in online sport columns has been shredded.
He’s definitely Virat Scissorhands! Remember the deft glances against the
Mumbai side at a time when they were supposedly keeping a tight field. He
must’ve sent a real shiver down their spine. Reminds me of Manish Pandey’s knock
in the 2010 Ranji Trophy final. Boy oh Boy I’d say again... That again was
against Mumbai and then too the opposition shivered at the audacity — the boy
brought back a victory sniff to a game that had seemingly drifted away.


Anyway, all that is the past. Against the
Mumbai side, we’ve had the last laugh and qualified for the semis. We’re
hungrier.  RCB is a side possessed and
superbly capable of toppling the best. Let the SA Redbacks come at us again.
We’ll show em what we’ve got.


Rahul’s been put in the correct position in
the opening slot. With powerplay on, the master’s cuts and drives only need to
evade the 2 outfielders (never mind he knows exactly how to bisect the

Our skipper’s a genuine guy. He took
complete responsibility for the recent losses. It’s so good to see a guy like
him working hard aligning things onfield. Sure, he contrasts with the Mr Cool
image of MS Dhoni but we just love to see the adrenalin gush in Anil. After all
the results matter and he’s an inspirational captain who gets the results.


Royal Challengers Bangalore, forward march!
Two more good games and you’ll have done what no Indian ‘domestic’ team has
done .... to be the best in the world... the Champion of Champions.


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Latest comments

amazin post fun to read.......so yeah all gud decisions made by the captain and it was cos of the loss too which nifluenced the batting order kohli looks gud for no.3 ...dravid pandey solid opening pairs....so lets hope the bowlers get some early wickets so tht we get the game to our side HAIL RCB !!!!!
PrinceDravid on 25 Sep 2010, 12:28 AM