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Challenger of the day- Dale Steyn

RCB's fastest bowler on scaring a lioness, mountain biking near Cape Town and being lovingly called 'Demon'.

Up close and personal with an RCBian!


Fans, fire away your quirky questions and I'll get the best ones answered by Dale within 72 hours!



It's a lazy Sunday afternoon. A neatly folded RCB T-shirt resides with an iPod dock on the study table, while a Macbook lies flipped open on the bed. Kitbags and shoes line up the floor and one pink Nike in particular, has been marked out for someone special. 


Dale Steyn heads to the balcony- often used to share a joke or two- to shout out to Roelof Van Der Merwe on the floor below and walks back in smiling, for a casual chat.    

On his nickname 


A few years ago, I had a tongue ring and one of my friends got me this tongue metal stud which had a figure of guy with devil's horns. I tried it for a while, and they used that as an excuse to start calling me Demon!


On the one word in Afrikaans that he would teach to the other guys at RCB


One of the first words that I learnt in Afrikaans actually, and also one of the longest- Asemroovende. It means breathtaking, just like our cricket (laughs). 


On the the one gift he always wanted for Christmas 


A camera! Me and my dad were music buffs so we shared the stereo but my sister loved gadgets and technology. And that's where I picked up the liking for photography. And cricket's allowed me to buy some good cameras!


On what he loves to shoot


I grew up in Phalaborwa next to Kruger national park so wanting to get wildlife on film comes naturally. Also, I'm still on the learning curve and in the last couple of years, I've spent most of my time capturing the South African team. Graeme Smith used some of the photos for his book too. 


On a crazy incident at Kruger


We'd go out fishing in the park all the time and this one instance I saw a lioness 100 m away. They're not used to humans, so she took a look at me and ran away! No such luck with Hippos though. If they'd see us, we'd be out of there immediately!


On photography conversations he has with Anil Kumble


We talk about the usual stuff, but it might be fun to do a wildlife sanctuary trip! 


On relaxing in the off season


Ah, I live in Cape Town now so do mountain biking in the hills around there. The trails are some of the best in the world!


On marriage


Well, I've been seeing a girl for three years now (smiles) but with all the traveling, it's a little hard to settle down. I want kids and lots of time after I get married, so it'll have to wait for a bit!    

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steynkie2sony on 05 Apr 2010, 02:38 AM
i love dale setyn <3
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great! nice to know our players on a personal level a bit :) thanks aneesh!
Pooja-Voladoddi on 29 Mar 2010, 03:34 AM
aneesh..loved it..
Aruna-Desai on 29 Mar 2010, 12:44 AM
nice one! :)
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