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Challenger of the day- Eoin Morgan

RCB's English left hander on reacting to getting run out on 99, getting plenty of sleep on tour and his love for 'The Killers'

After a practise session spent honing the shots he's become popular for, Eoin Morgan chatted up in the team bus even as he watched his favourite sitcom Entourage on an iPod


On how his name is pronounced 

It's 'Owen'.      


On the RCBian who would most easily adjust to the sport of hurling 


Roelof Van Der Merwe. It's all about swinging and Roela's the man when it comes to that in this team.


On what he said to his batting partner after getting run out on 99 in his first ODI

Let's just say we didn't speak for a bit (laughs). 


On asking good friend Ed Joyce to quote from James Joyce

(Laughs) We're good friends yeah, and we  talk a lot, but I've never asked him to do that. Yet.


On how he spent St.Patrick's day in Dublin as a teenager

It's a party out there! And it involved some Guiness. That mostly defines it (smiles).  


On how he came up with the reverse reverse sweep


Just happened honestly! Didn't think about it but it was a spur of the moment reaction.   


On the two things he devotes most of his non-match day time to 

Sleep lots! And catch up with friends if possible. I have a few in this part of the world so it's nice to get a drink with them. 


On the song that he'd like to walk out to when batting


Any song by The Killers. I love that band!






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