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Challenger of the Day- Jacques Kallis

'Jakes' on golfing with Boucher on tour, shooting an ad with a dog and dealing with phone-number attached flower bouquets.

Up, close and personal with an RCBian every day!

Fans, fire away the quirky questions in the comments section and I’ll get the best ones to be answered by Jacques within 72 hours!




Photo courtesy Chief Photographer Ashish Parmar



The story behind your nickname 'Jakes'

The kids around me when I was a teenager found it too much effort to say 'Jacques'. So one of the guys blurted "Jakes" in high school and it stuck.

Have you heard of your namesake, Jake 'The Snake' Roberts (WWE Wrestler)?

Not really. But by the sound of it, even I wouldn't want to come across him in a dark alley! 

How long before you catch up with Rahul Dravid in both Test Runs and Catches?

(He's 500 odd runs and 35 odd catches behind Rahul) 

It'll be a tough fight for sure. Both of us are healthy and have a few years. I can tell you one thing though, no one's going to catch up on Sachin!

First thing you do when you step onto a cricket ground

Walk straight to the wicket (laughs). No superstitions really. Works for me!

First Television commercial 

I did this ad for Sanex, the bath products company. I had to run around with a cute little labrador early in the morning on a beach in Durban. It was a ball. 

Funnest thing a fan has done for you

Well, earlier on, when playing in South Africa, I'd park my Chevrolet Lumina at the ground and by the time I was back, there'd be flower bouquets with phone numbers on them!

That was then though, now I'm seeing Shamone and very happy, and ladies are respecting that smile

First thing you bought with your IPL money

Well, I've put it all into investments now. My manager works hard on those while I play cricket. And if those grow, I'd love to get a Ferrari!

Estate that you'd like to buy in India through your property company

Goa's a fantastic place. A beach house there would be just perfect. I should go take a look!

What you and Mark Boucher do in your free time on tour

Head straight to the golf course! We've played on some good ones, including Pearl Valley in Cape Town, which is beautiful. Mark's an awesome golfer.  

I'd love to play at St.Andrew's someday too. 

Golf handicap and odds in a one-on-one against Roelof Van Der Merwe

Well, I have a 4 handicap but haven't played in a while. Roela's been working hard with his 8 and it might be a fight, but I should sneak through. 

Jacques Kallis Scholarship holder who most reminds you of your teenage self 

All of them. I was nuts in school about cricket and so are they. I can't pick one out because it's difficult to judge them when they're still in school. 

What I'd love is to be sitting in a stand sipping beer watching one of them play for South Africa. That would be great!

Message for fans before the Chennai match

Come ye all, and support us! We've been playing some good cricket so far and we'll do our best to keep it going for you guys. Hopefully I can keep staying not out too smile  

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@Spirit: Updated.

@PrinceDravid: He's pretty chilled out too.
aneeshsurender on 24 Mar 2010, 10:52 AM
awesome .........a true legend indeed now tht's the classy kallis ..........u rock !:)
PrinceDravid on 24 Mar 2010, 03:30 AM
If not for photo courtesy, I suggest you ask me once before using my images.
spirit on 24 Mar 2010, 02:17 AM