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Challenger of the Day- Ross Taylor

RCB's most explosive batsman on the one thing not many people know about him, a wicked Samoan dish he would feed the team and the farthest six he's hit.


Up close and personal with an RCBian!


Fans, fire away your quirky questions and I'll get the best ones answered by Ross within 72 hours!





Photograph courtesy Chief Photographer Ashish Parmar


On a sleepy Monday morning, as the rest of the team sprawled across the plush sofas in the Kingfisher lounge at the Delhi airport, Ross Taylor took time off to go to internet surfing. He began with Cricinfo and DD-RCB match review, then smiled and figured it wasn't the best idea! 


Stuff.co.nz was next on the list and from there he went onto the New Zealand Herald website. Satisfied with his dose of news, he chatted with me and answered some fun questions about himself even as Keaton Jennings (Ray Jennings's son who's visiting) listened with interest.


On the farthest six he's hit


Well, the grounds in New Zealand are smaller so some may look like they've gone quite far (laughs) but of the measured ones I remember, there was a 119 m shot against Jacob Oram in IPL-1. That should be it. 


On performing the Hakka (NZ rubgy team war dance) in public 


Everybody wanted to see it in South Africa when I went on a school cricket trip there a long time ago. We had to do it!


On the one Samoan dish he would definitely order for RCB at a team dinner


Raw fish marinated in lemon juice. It's healthy! (laughs)


On whether he's a good cook

I'm a great cook. Chicken tikka masala is one of my specialities. Not. 


On the number of stags who play for the Central Stags (Ross's team in NZ)


I'm not sure of the exact number but around half the team!


On the sports he plays other than cricket 


I played age group hockey for New Zealand (where the awesome swipes come from?) but hit the golf course occasionally and also play some tennis. 


On being Samoan and not having tattoos


Let's just say I was never interested, not scared. (laughs)


On funnest RCB memories off the field


The trip to Mabula Game Park in South Africa last year. We went on safaris together and had a blast. Some bonding session that. On the field, winning the semi-final last year after the comeback in the league stage was special.


On the song he'd love to listen to when walking out to bat

'The Way I are' by Timbaland. 


On his off day activities

Sleep! As much of it as I can get.


On his favourite cricketer and what his team mates call him


Sachin! And they call me Rosco. Nice and simple. 


On the one thing not many people know about him


I can't swim much! 


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Latest comments

Ross i maybe sometimes the greatest fan of u
IAmRossTaylor on 13 Aug 2010, 07:43 AM
hi ross i'm ur fan
kiransway on 11 Apr 2010, 09:01 PM
you totally rock!!!!
jimpy on 11 Apr 2010, 01:32 AM
ross taylor and robin u are the royals
foster on 08 Apr 2010, 09:02 PM
Hi Ross -- I am big fan of you and am really looking forward for the match vs. DC. Hope to see some fireworks coming from your bat!!!

My question to you is its been almost three years with RCB so have you picked up the local language? and if so can you please say something to your fans in Kannada? Thanks a lot.
uhassan on 07 Apr 2010, 11:57 AM
Siddharth-Koppikar on 07 Apr 2010, 05:38 AM
How do you hit the ball so far?How much bodybuilding daily 2 or 3 hours?Who is your favourite bowler to face?And who is the toughest bowler for you to hit hit a six?Why do you like Sachin more than Dravid or even Kumble?Which is your favourite car?If you are not picked by RCB next year as there can be only three foreign players allowed which tam would you go?Who is sexier you or Pietersen?Who is your favourite player in RCB?Do you like India?Do you like Deepika Padukone or Katrina Kaif more?Ross the blasting Taylor you set the IPL and the RCB fans on fire when you start hitting those boom boom sixes which travel far and wide across the world.
vicksnara on 07 Apr 2010, 03:23 AM
'the way i are' i love tat song :)
steynkie2sony on 07 Apr 2010, 02:45 AM
Ross -you rule the IPL.
Rahul-Priyadarshi on 07 Apr 2010, 12:54 AM