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countdown to the showdown

Clocks racing to the showdown tomorrow in the evening; The 2009 Champions and SRK's teams raring to open the tournament in style; 2010 RCB's prospects and what the first game means to RCB.

First of all, sorry fellas for going completely off the RADAR for
about 3 months. Never really expected that but it happens when you set
priorities and don't stick to'em. Decided to take a vacation after a
looong time and here I'm in India at Hyderabad blogging for Bangalore.
Interestingly enough, I have made a few minutes of the day to read
everything that's been going on at RCB. Kudos to all who have won a
challenge and welcome to the elite club. With all the plesentaries
exchanged and the apologies conveyed let's get down to the business.
Let's talk about the 1st game tomorrow (first is always special) and a
little bit about RCB and what the 1st game means to RCB.

DC vs KKR:

a little disappointed that there isn't much buzz going around the
Hyderabad city (courtesy the relocation snafu) about IPL 2010 or the
first game of the upcoming tournament (especially when the local team
is opening a grand ceremony). I expected firecrackers, posters, frenzy
people in the city but I see busy streets with *&^?% loads of
traffic and boring/no ads on the local tv channels (thanks to Mr. Lalit
Modi for getting into a mess with the broadcasters). Let us hope that
everything will fall into place before the first game.

As about
the result tomorrow, DC will win convincingly over KKR for many
reasons. First, 1st game -- pressure game -- experience will prevail. I
don't think Ganguly, Hodge, Owais, Ishanth will match Gilly, Symon,
Gibbs and Vaas. Second, DC are not playing at their jinxed home ground.
Third, there is nothing really to talk about KKR's bowling until
Shane's arrival. Fourth, even though KKR would show up as under-dogs
they are under more pressure to perform with little experience to
handle the pressure. Fifth, Gilly never disappoints in crucial games
and its very important to send a message upfront when EVERYONE is
watching and yes everyone will watch tomorrow's game :). Sixth, don't
forget they enter as champions. Seventh, there are more RUSTED players
in KKR than in DC. Eigth, aren't you bored yet :)....

I'm excited with the addition of in-form Eoin to the team. Expecting
some wonderful performances from him. Hoping Vintage Anil's wine
(captaincy) would taste even better this year. Batting (Rahul, Ross,
Manish, Kallis etc) we know will do the job. Sure shot Semi-Finals or
maybe Finals too. Roelof will be the killer instinct of the team. Young
local prospects and their passion for the game. The mighty fans and the
stadium roar demoralizing the opponent in a whiff.

What would Kevin's role be in the team now? Will the real Robin/Virat
please stand up? What about the weak 5th bowler and RCB has done
nothing to fix this major problem? With only 4 Intl players allowed
will Boucher sit all through (that would be a shame!!). We need to win
early and not bank or a late surge? and a few more that I don't have
the energy to write or enthusiasm to share as I want RCB to have no
weaknesses. :)

The more interesting thing is what does 1st
game mean to RCB. Many think that it really doesn't matter to RCB what
the outcome of the game tomorrow is, but I think it is really important
for the team to sit together and watch the whole game (right from the
first ball to when the fireworks go off at the end). Use the 3-hour
game to put all your skill to task and analyze your opponents
weaknesses in a light hearted bonding session. I'm no expert but I know
that some youngsters@RCB are raring to follow some expert national and
international brains. I have a lot to write here but I'm better off
leaving my "fundae jhadna episode" right here and resume at a later

Here I'm wishing RCB the very best for 2010 and hope to see them win the best silverware this year. Good luck!! Adios....


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