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Cricket Crossword - 2

In Cricket Crossword - 2, we bring to you some of the great names, famous names, big names and a few who became famous for the strange things that happen in cricket. Have fun while you surf to get the answers! Cricket and RCB will continue to benefit with more and more fans who probe into the richness of cricket history.



1. He figured in two last wicket stands where his team lost after being one hit away from victory (9)
4. Perquisites, in short, of making debut in a high scoring test match (5)
7. He was the central figure leading to the cancellation of Engand's tour of South Africa in 1968 (5)
9. When he took the wicket of the last Pakistan batsman in 1980, a 92 year old record was broken (6)
10. Holds a test bowling record that Kumble came dangerously close to beating. (5)
12. In a test match, the middle stump fell but the bails didn't. The lucky batsman was.. (6)
13. 5 minutes to go, 1 over left, 6 runs to win, 3 wickets left and the bowler is ... (4)
15. With the scoreboard reading 0 for 4, he must have been a nightmare in the Indian dressing room (7)
17. This batsman regained his batting record in less than a year after it was surpassed (4)
18. 32 overs 27 maidens 5 runs no wicket (8)
20. In his first test innings, the runs he scored was the same as his age. He had already played in Davis Cup for his country! (9)
22. This super batsman hit the wicket only once (6)


2. Bangalore born cricketer who had climbed the summit in batting records (5)
3. The dominant player in a partnership record that lasted more than 50 years (6)
5. Isn't he the greatest all rounder cricket ever had? Only Kapil can claim to be nearly his equal (6)
6. His willow was like a clapper of a temple bell - ton..ton..ton..ton..ton till a controversial run out decision dampened it! (6)
8. His record of the highest run aggregate in tests lasted 33 years! (5)
11. Biblical King whose throw resulted in the most exciting finish in test cricket (7)
13. This bowler gets credit for the most famous duck in test cricket history (7)
14. It took less than 6 weeks for his batting record to be surpassed and stayed there for 36 years (5)
16. His batting has seen more photo-finish wins than anyone else in test cricket (7)
19. She played cricket for her country and her husband - a legend! (5)
21. A wicket keeper who bagged a king pair - falling to the same bowler twice on the same day (4)

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cool game
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gr8 crossword!!
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pratheek-patil on 29 Jan 2013, 07:34 PM
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wow wat a game!!!
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coolest game ever
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this game is coool for cricket fans especially rcbians
pratheek-patil on 29 Jan 2013, 07:32 PM
10. LAKER england off spinner who has taken 19 wickets in a match.
rama-bhiste on 08 Jan 2013, 01:49 PM
nice and assom game
vgsharaschnadra on 18 Nov 2012, 08:37 AM
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