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CSK vs RCB: A blooper, and some fine hitting

Yellow pom pom hair, a family's day out and a 'fair play' fan comment stood out as Murali Vijay's blitzkreig guided CSK to a home win over RCB.


Key performer


Murali Vijay was on fire with his 39 ball 78, and Shadab Jakati did something almost inconceivable in the IPL. A wicket maiden. For RCB, Jacques Kallis cut and drove beautifully to another half century but to no avail this time. 



Maybe it's the heat and humidity coupled with the 4 pm start, but it wasn't always a full house. Outnumbered by 20: 1, the RCB fans in the stands, including the Mighty 14, copped some sly remarks. And picked up some Tamil humuor on the way.


Fancy Dress index

The Dhoni jerseys were striking enough, but yellow pom-pom material as hair wigs really lit up the place, enough to convince some folks to get their shades out in the evening. 


Crowd meter

If the air at the Brabourne spelt classy, at the Chidambaran, the buzz word was 'knowledgable'. Epitomising this was an old man in a simple white shirt and grey pants, who sat with his chin on his cane through the match and applauded the stright drive and the ball that moved away, irrespective of the side. Confessing that he loved test cricket, he said, "I'm not taking sides for the IPL. Just here to watch the fun and my favourite cricketers". To each his own.   


RCB fan group of the day 


Aside from their day jobs, the Kamdar family spent most of the last two weeks garnering votes online in the Mighty 14 contest. And it worked. Fanatic Fan Kunal Kamdar along with his father, mother and sister arrived at the Park Sheraton to get an opportunity to interact with Rahul Dravid, then headed off to the stadium to watch the match, courtesy RCB. They cheered with vigour, but but it wasn't to be RCB's day. 


Fair Play Award 


A 21 year old Chennai Super Kings fan on spotting a member of the Mighty 14 in his jersey while walking out of the stadium post match, walked up to him, shook his hand, smiled and said "It's alright. Now we're even and we'll support each other against the other teams". Last I saw, CSK was heading the fair play ratings. Rubs off on their fans too.   


Blooper of the day


As RCB walked out onto the field in the afternoon, the RCB theme song was played to the Chennai Super Kings video. Sacrilege!



Sivamani derived music out of the drums as only he can, and the DJ stuck to popular Tamil movie songs as the noise levels soared in the second innings. "Tonight's gonna be a good night" by Black Eyed Peas kept the English music flag waving. video for RCB song was CSK song.  


Grade sheet

Excitement aplenty, but without the result going in our favour. B


With inputs from Fanatic Fan Christopher Poshin David

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@Jamwall: Glad you liked it. Happy Reading :)
aneeshsurender on 03 Apr 2010, 03:25 PM
Man you really rock...I just like the way you put things together..Short but absolutely precise..
JamWall on 03 Apr 2010, 02:50 AM
the official rc site is not helping the subscribers .... hear we ar not able to comment on the match ... if it is their ple let me know ....
nagendra-krishna on 02 Apr 2010, 06:30 AM
Nice wite up. You made it more interesting than I sounded n the phone. Hats of to you. :)
just one error mate. The Song by BEP was "I gotta Feeling".
Poshin on 02 Apr 2010, 05:48 AM