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DC vs RCB: Preview

Three aspects to look at for today's game. Your thoughts?


It would have been interesting to overhear the conversation between Anil Kumble and Adam Gilchrist at a brand launch dinner last night. They talked even as a select group of players from RCB and DC sat on stage for a combined photo session.


The camaraderie looked healthy, but with Nagpur burning at 45 degree celsius today, the teams will feel the heat. More so the Chargers in their do-or-die position and here's what I reckon will play a crucial role in the outcome of today's match. 


The big boundaries


"You must be loving this ground, no?" quibbed Robin Uthappa as a smiling Pragyan Ojha Walked up to greet him at dinner last night. "Yeah", replied Ojha, "85 yards on the square and 70 yards straight. It's a beauty!". Sure enough, the average of eight sixes/match on this ground pales in comparison to the double digit average across the IPL this year. But on a fast outfield, it also means opportunities for surgically precise fours and the need for well run threes. Dravid and Pandey should be a treat to watch on this one.


RCB batting order 


I'll stick my neck out here. If we bat first, I'd go in with Pandey and Kohli, with Dravid, Ross and Robin to follow. A frenetic start with ample time in the middle for Rahul and Ross would be great for the team going forward in the tournament. Jacques can always get his orange cap back if Plan A fails.   


Kumble vs Gilchrist


Deccan lose today, they're out. The law of averages suggests Gilchrist will leave the 30s behind and go for a biggie, but Anil's got him the last two matches, and the first over today would be a great time to make it three in three.

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Latest comments

I think it's time to have KP and Reolf back in the them at the expense of kallis and Taylor/White. Kaliis definitely needs to be rested for one game.
lordofthebangs on 13 Apr 2010, 10:46 PM
Remove kallis and white...put SriRam and sm1 can hit and bowl....
sahan-nischal on 13 Apr 2010, 09:43 PM
if u want to win the next matches at least listen to what the fans have to say
suggest this combination

kallis-ask him to score runs at least at run a ball
vandr merve-pinch hitter to make use of the 1st 6 overs
dravid-has to bat thro.let kallis play his strokes
kp since the other two are not in form
manish-think its better he comes down the order
praveen-can also be asked to open as pinch hitter
u will have six bowlers and six specialist batsmen with 3 pinch hitters
u try this combination and see if u can restrict the opposition and win
but as always u have ur own mind boggling useless strategies that only the opposition will appreciate
saju1970 on 13 Apr 2010, 07:50 PM
152 from 20 overs, looked easy,
but see what kallis did to the team, he reduced the total to 125 from 14 overs!!! + took the wicket of dravid [by over burdening him with run rate] lol. which put undue pressure on kohli/whute which led to their dismissal.

Thus i solemly say Kallis is the man of the match coz he gave away 6 great overs and 3 class wickets to deccan [3not 4 as his wicket was actually a bonus to RCB]

P.s: Can someone tell Ross/Kohli/whit that 5 singles and a four also makes up for 9 runs a over and not only 2 fours, 1single and 3 frustrating dot balls!!!1
Gagan-Srinivas on 13 Apr 2010, 07:14 PM
i am totally discouraged with our team's middle order perfomance.Although R.DRAVID scored we didn't achieve victory
gannz on 13 Apr 2010, 06:30 PM
let kallis be on bench for a match...shud have a break.. not scoring runs as fast he did earlier... the only point to make on the loss with deccan is not scoring enough runs in the middle overs... at last it created a mess for new batsmen and threw their wickets(kohli & white)...RCB didnt stood on the initial breakdown on deccan, could have still controlled in the bowling department...gave runs... overall in the match there were too much negative to overcome for the coming matches....
Pradeep-Mallikarjunaiaih on 13 Apr 2010, 10:04 AM
Kallis seems to be the bottleneck after the first 6 overs. But, he scores runs at a good pace initially. What is the alternate? Make Dravid open the batting with Kallis. Drop Manish Pandey down the order - maybe after White.
madhusudan-rao2 on 13 Apr 2010, 10:00 AM
how many times we have to tell u guys to play van der merve and choose from either kp/ross/white.see what difference did it make having all the batsmen in the team.no use telling u guys anything .u just blog for he fun of it.what sort of brains do u have in the team .see today we had 3 wicket down due to steyn and couldnt finish it due to the lack of a quality spinner,if van der merwe was there at least it would have been a chance. at such a big ground u should have played him.there is nobody in team who can play quality spin exce[pt dravid.hats why i beeen telling that he should bat thro and play out ojhas full quota.when are u guys going to learn i don't know.see kallis also could not play spin prperly.it was the same case with chennai super kings also where we played out maiden overs to spinners.play vander merwe and pick only one of the three kp/ross/white.two have not ade any difference in any matches.hope u ppl will see some light.but whats the use u have ur own strategies when the whole word knows that its just useless to have so many batsmen in a 20-20 format with no quality bowlers.its just so frustrating to see u loose the plot.its apened in last years ipl and its going to hapen now unless u take a chance and play kallis ,steyn and choose one from kp/white/ross as your overseas players. with a proper spinner tody w could have bowled them or restricted the charges to about 130.such frustrating staying all night up and watching ou ppl simply lose the plot cse of very bad strategy
saju1970 on 13 Apr 2010, 09:53 AM
the suggested batting order by you is awesome i completely agree with it hope v c tht in mtch too.......
ymahesh on 13 Apr 2010, 05:18 AM
why did our team prefer sriram? Manish pandey is a young talented person
gannz on 13 Apr 2010, 05:18 AM
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