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Deepika Padukone interview on live chat!

RCB's brand ambassador on her fetishes, views on RCB players and an exotic location cricket must go to.

Resplendent in a contoured RCB jersey, denim three fourths and her trademark golden shoes, Deepika chatted merrily towards the end of the first innings as RCB piled up 184 against the Deccan Chargers


On an adventure sport she'd love to try out


River rafting and trekking. I'm going on trek this July and I'm excited about it!


On a filmstar who she'd love to do cricket commentary with


Shah Rukh. I'm sure the two of us will do a fun job. 


On an exotic location cricket must go to


The South of France! It's just beautiful out there.


On the RCB player who she thinks would be the life of a party


Virat Kohli!


On the attire she would choose to wear to an RCB match if she was coming in as a casual spectator


Red T-shirts and denim shorts. I'd prefer to be comfortably dressed for a sporting occasion. 


On the one thing she has on her all the time


A camera. I carry a Cybershot with me to make sure I record memories. Sometimes you see things that you just want to capture, so it comes handy. 


On one thing we didn't know about her


I have a fetish for dark chocolates and shoes! Can pick up shoes anywhere, anytime. 


On something she gifts regularly to close friends


Spa packages! I love having them go pamper themselves to destress :)


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