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Feedback on Chief Photographer’s images

Hey Ashish,

Good start and nice 1st set of images from the nets. Here is some feedback. I am posting as a new post because attaching couple of your images re-processed.

1. There is lot of yellow cast in your images. I understand it is because of the floodlights but shows a bit more in your images. I too faced similar issues but made some corrections in WB and then PP. I am not sure what WB did you use. Are you using Auto WB? Try few options during a night nets session to get the right one or you can change it in DPP and check it out. You can also remove the remove the yellow cast during post processing. Should not be over done though.

2. All the images lack sharpness. What sharpening mode do you use while in PP?I do understand that there would be limited time to process but try and create a workflow that would same some time.

3. Also I see some noise even in this image resolution. What ISO are you shooting? I dont think you would have time to neatimage it and post but current images are a little noisy? Not a big deal though.

I took couple of your images and did some further adjustments in PP to remove the yellow cast and also sharpened it a bit.

royal challengers

royal challengers

The 1st match being a day/night match should not have been a problem during the 1st half. Night is where you need to get the settings right.

Siva A N

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Hey Siva,

Happy Ugadi !!!

Thanks a lot for the tips, much appreciated.
The problem I faced at Eden Garden is that the whole light setup has got quite a bit of yellow cast. I had noticed it in the images & thought would leave it to get a right feel of the stadium as in I wanted people to see what exactly I saw but aesthetic photography point of view I agree that the cast should be removed.
Will make sure of that in the images to come. The max shutter speed I got was 250-320 with an ISO of 400-800 shot in various white balance modes.
Let me see how the situation is this evening !!! Fingers crossed !

cheers !
Ashish Parmar
spirit on 16 Mar 2010, 09:46 PM
Hey SIVA AN...wers u yaar? wers the pics? attach ur blog name here....Sahanforu@gmail.com
sahan-nischal on 15 Mar 2010, 08:10 AM