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Fingers Red Crossed

To be honest, I've had a bit of a horror run myself past few days. RCB losing 2 matches in a row was a real feel of emotion. Yet again we have another clash of Reds, and I keep my FINGERS RED CROSSED.

In the very first match of this series, Guyana was beaten badly by RCB, which resulted in a upward net run rate, the only reason to still stay alive in the competition. The batsmen are partially doing well and T20 specialists are not performing with zeal, where as the bowlers are a bit fine but they are not getting much support from the batting side. It is time that Jumbo's men now rises and performs to the best of their abilities.

The disastrous match against the underdogs Redbacks and then the touch n go loss to Mumbai Indians should not deter a team like RCB. I make this statement with authority due the fact that I have closely watched and followed RCB from the maiden IPL and the team has all the strength to bounce back from any situation. They have proved this well beyond doubt in the past.   

Playing at the home ground, Highveld Lions are well aware of the RCB loopholes and thus will try their best to exploit such areas. In any situation, a good match between the ball and bat is on the way. We can just hope to expect something spectacular from the RCB team.

I being a ardent RCB fan will let my team have a good time on the field playing the sport they love the most, without any fear or from any undue pressure. If we win, its fantastic. If at all we lose, well, I would sincerely applaud the efforts of the other team and move forward with a belief that our day will come again.



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@raghavendra: Van de merwe is not there in the squad, so he wont be playing... Playing du preez in place of white is better and uthappa can come down the order
Mithun-Kanchi on 21 Sep 2010, 11:58 PM
There are few things RCB has to look b4 the crucial encounter. Uthappa's form behind the stump is no less than slump. 9 byes and 1 missed stumping caused us dear. He should practice hard against Kumble and Steyn b4 he get into field.
Uthappa's batting order is not convincing. He did so well at 4 & 5, why should he bat at 3? Moreover he's our wicket keeper, he should concentrate more on this aspect of his game and bat down the order. There is no doubt he can hit it long way.

My team and batting order for today
2.Manish (He can try to push it hard with field restriction in place)
3.Dravid (He can anchor the batting)
5.Uthappa (better at 5)
7.Van de Merwe (worth taking the risk, considering the opponent, and he's always been X-factor for RCB)

Going with 2 spinners is a better option considering the opponent is a SA team, and they are always bad players of spin.Merwe being SA'can is a added advantage. Anyway we have Kallis to cover if things dont work.
Raghavendra-Vr on 21 Sep 2010, 09:30 PM
Hope we bounce back in style...
Sujansalian on 21 Sep 2010, 09:41 AM
we;ll win i dunno had a gut feeling always tht we would beat the lions and bet they'd all comeback strong the doubt position is uthappa's position...shouldn't he come at no.5 or 6th 3rd is too early for a big hitter like him...
PrinceDravid on 21 Sep 2010, 09:26 AM