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Share with us how close is the team to your heart or that one moment that gave you goosebumps .

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What do you think Jumbo is telling to all other teams in this Champions League T20?

What do you think Jumbo is telling to all other teams in this Champions
League T20?


royal challengers

Let's see what you come up with smile

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I don’t see a link to become a fan of a fanatic…
david-pippin on 29 Aug 2010, 08:18 PM
@HOLMES:hey its really fun.Go ahead:)
dravia on 28 Aug 2010, 06:08 AM
R not most of the other quotes as i predicted in my 1st comment, Allen? So next time put a weird/funny pic, it would make people display their humorous side n it will be lot more interesting n entertaining
others please do not misunderstand me as saying ur quotes r bad! i not at all mean that!
HOLMES on 27 Aug 2010, 09:08 AM
"It doesn't matter how many changes you make against RCB, you still end up losing."
KunJan on 27 Aug 2010, 05:24 AM
Guys, u better watch out for 'R''C''B'...!!!
czech on 27 Aug 2010, 04:35 AM
Aruna-Desai on 27 Aug 2010, 01:32 AM
we r the ipl t20 campions
coolsid007 on 27 Aug 2010, 12:52 AM
@WP:hey buddy whenever i'm opening your post i'm not able to see the full one,only the first two lines are loading.I don't know the reason and i think it's not loading for me:(
dravia on 26 Aug 2010, 08:28 PM
@HOLMES:ada paavi holmes not expected this nose cut da:)anyway it's nice and it really made me smile:)
whenever i'm thinking this comment it makes me smile:)lol:)
dravia on 26 Aug 2010, 08:25 PM
Lol.. :D Holmes u rock man.. :)
rakesh-katti on 26 Aug 2010, 09:30 AM
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