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Head To Head: Dravid and Sehwag in Test Cricket - 1

Dravid fans pounced on baiters who poured cold water on their God! In some societies, such acts of blasphemy will lead to War or Self Destruction!

A dispassionate look at their careers

The two are as different as chalk and cheese. One drives a Mercedes and has waded through the milling crowds with humility and grace, can stand honking at traffic jams without fretting and fuming, can breeze on a highway with poise and elan – all this with hardly a scratch on the body. The other drives a Ferrari and believes that he can rule any racing circuit – including the lanes and bylanes of every part of the globe. And has taken body blows on several occassions – only to reemerge as a champion racer.


Instant Coffee versus Filter Coffee  - no one has been able to explain or justify the difference in consumer sentiment, feeling and perception till now! 


Let’s start with analysing the performance of the two in Tests.


There are many angles from which we will need to study their performances:



1)      Dravid & Sehwag – Career Graphs (Figure 1)

2)      Dravid with Sehwag – (Figure 2) 

3)      The 1st 84 Innings of Dravid and Sehwag  (Figure 3)


Perspective 1:


On 3rd Nov 2001 Sehwag started his test cricket career in a blazing fashion with a 105 on debut, Dravid had  already completed 84 innings in tests and had scored over 4000 runs. Has Sehwag 'bridged this gap' with his flamboyance? 


  royal challengers



Interestingly, Dravid’s debut was no less spectacular – on 20th June 1996 - with a 95 against England at Lords. Their styles have a stark difference – yet, as we shall discover through a series of posts, there appears to be little or no difference in the value of their contributions to Indian cricket or their special place amongst the elite cricketers of all times.


Fitness and Consistency have been the hallmarks of Dravid's career - a fact reflect in the graph above, for you see virtually no 'gaps' in his long career. On the other hand, Sehwag's infamous form slump during the Grep Chappel era saw him losing his place in tests between May 2007 and Jan 2008 - having been "dropped" for the series against Bangladesh, England, Pakistan and the 1st test of the Kumble led series against Australia.



Perspective 2:


How have Dravid and Sehwag performed during the period they have been together from 03 Nov 2001 onwards?



Figure 2 below says it all"

 royal challengers  



Aggresion, blitzkreig, some high scores, many good scores and equally many low scores have been the highlights of Sehwag’s career. In a little more than half the number of innings Dravid has played, Sehwag has seen more ducks than Dravid. “Hit Out” or “Get Out” has been Sehwag’s credo. 84% of his scores of 50+ have resulted in a draw or a win for India.


Artistry, elegance, tenacity, unyielding obstinacy at the crease and many many high scores have been the hallmarks of Dravid’s career. 88% of his scores of 50+ have resulted in a draw or win for India.


Perspective 3:


What was Dravid's accomplishments and stature at the time Sehwag arrived? 87 Innings (including 3 Did Not Bat) and 4033 runs. How does Sehwag's look like after 84 innings?


Take a look at figure 3 - and you will see that there is very little to choose between the two in terms of runs scored.

royal challengers



When Sehwag made his test debut, looking at Dravid he must have told himself: "Sir, when I have the same experience and exposure as you have, I hope to match you". He seems to have lived up to that - every word, every run!

Their test careers have been as thrilling as a Formula 1 race. And I have no idea how their ODI careers compare!



(To be continued)





Note: The data for this analysis has been taken from public domain - Cricinfo, to be specific. However, no part of the content has been 'reproduced' from any website.

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Latest comments

RCB is my best team
sudhirRCCB on 08 Jul 2013, 11:04 PM
@maddydravid yeah.u can post but don't try 2 stop us frm posting comments.

@dravia yeah.i considered that we can make difference by strike-rate,fours , sixes, in 1st 135 innings.
u can see sehwag will have greater strike-rate, more fours and more sixes.

CNP on 12 Aug 2010, 08:22 AM
ha ha ha you itself accepted with mr.ragunath that strike rate and six,fours can be considered to judge the the two...
you are saying i'm complaining with whom?..........
ha ha ha good joke..am i a school boy to go and complain with the school teacher.
don't make a joke..
dravia on 12 Aug 2010, 05:35 AM
@CNP:same way we have the rights to post our comments...@holmes:dude i just hope you dont become a member in ICC and all because you will convert Holy TEST cricket into this Shitty T20 with some idotic rules...
maddydravid on 12 Aug 2010, 04:15 AM
@dravia me and holmes are not trying 2 hurt any1.
and i like RCB team but likes sehwag more than dravid.I can post my views here. I have right 2 post comments in favour of any1 or not.u can't stop any1 like this.
I thinks sehwag is better than dravid.that's all.
And yeah sehwag has many more records other than 300 and strike rate.
CNP on 12 Aug 2010, 02:49 AM
@dravia- i m not an idiot to go by jst few performances. India has won several tests where Sehwag played a big part. Its not jst 1 or 2-3 centuries that i consider and ur claim tht i would consider yusuf better than Sehwag but jst 1 great century is just ur assumption bcoz u want to prove be wrong anyhow! where have i anywhr shown such attitude tht by jst 1 spectacular effort i m judging then? point out where! I m considering the career. Havnt i said this in jst a comment b4 this? n even my stats earlier shown, show aggregate performance n not incidents isnt it? but stil u again complaining due to lack of understanding inspite of making things so clear. What ever cricket it is, it should be played in a nature that helps win, n Sehwag is doing that wonderfully. Dont go by traditional oldage 70's 80's attitudes for tests. Lot has changed over the years
HOLMES on 11 Aug 2010, 11:41 PM
@HOLMES:hey man i understand your english and your attitude of english too..
could you be able understand the nature of test cricket...
will you accept if india wins one test by sehwag's knock and then lose another two test by not anyone saving the test...
i know then again you will say he overshadowed him by his runs and strike rate.....
I'm not complaining to anyone...
i just said your atitude is wrong..
if yousuf pathan scores a very fast hundred in odi's(in future) who knows more than sehwag will you say he is best than sehwag?...
dravia on 11 Aug 2010, 10:32 PM
@maddy- who told? from wht u got these idea? just bcoz dravid has played that ways means test cricket is like tht? nonsense! Geof. boycott would be a huge star then. What ever be the cricket, a batsman's job is to score runs in a manner that wins matches. The better th rate of scoring, the more chanses of winning then drawing. See how many times sehwag has contributed in winning thn saving in 2nd innings!
@dravia- U cant understand english? When its so clearly writtn by me n NCP we r not against dravid, i so clearly mentioned i m not disrespecting him n shown full apreciating in 1st paragraph of my blog. Hoping it wil end ur discomfort n there wont be more about this isuue. but u still keep complaining th same thing! grow up man! understand things properly. Where have i talkd just abt strkrate n 300? Didnt read the coment on my blog where i shown proper aggregate comparions? Dravid has playd more so he wil obviously have some higher stats then Sehwag tht u will produce. But the twist is Sehwag is not much lagging behind inspite of many lesser innings. U wil mostly mention about 98 worldcup, Eden garden test, England n Pakistan tour etc etc. So even Sehwag has many such high level facts that overshadow dravid. Put up as much u want to, but dont compare on incidents! produce stats considering their overall career and on aggregate. also considering that Sehwag has played lesser.
HOLMES on 11 Aug 2010, 10:18 PM
@HOLMES:holmes the only fact you are proving is strike rate and 300 he scored,but there are other facts too....then if you are saying you have facts lets prove...i'm also ready with my facts..i'll also prove...then others decide who is best...
dravia on 11 Aug 2010, 08:39 PM
@CNP:if you really want to praise sehwag than dravid then i’m requesting you to post this comment in DD site…you will get lot of appreciation and comments too…but don’t put a comment that really saying against dravid in rcb site…here he is king of the party…......
dravia on 11 Aug 2010, 08:37 PM
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