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History of ‘DRAVIDISM’

This is a poem describing Rahul's cricketing journey so far. This also happens to be a part of the gift that I want to give to Rahul. Read and vote for it, Rahul lovers..

‘History of Dravidism’



Indian cricket was suffering a downfall

Desperately needed a protective wall


Year was 1996, the country was England

Strode out a young batsman with a magic wand


The rivals smelt a kill, galloped ahead Mullally and

The warrior was not hassled, carted them around with a


The world stood up and took notice of the knock

Here was a batsman who would one day lead the flock


The year was 1999, the location was Kiwi land

It was time for the mankind to witness something grand


The wind blew hard, fluttered and shook one and all

He thumped centuries back to back, he who is ‘The Wall’


The warrior flew once again to good old England

His ODI critics were up for a display of changing trend


He took the centerstage, destroyed whoever came his way

He scored runs by tons, made the tournament his own that


In 2001, came the intimidating baggy greens from the Down

Unleashed fierce battle, they threatened to wreak havoc
with thunder


The warrior stood his ground, displayed the work of a
true hero

From the verge of victory, he battered the Aussies to
ground zero


The year was 2002, when he faced a brute called Mervyn

He didn’t back off, stood his ground and became a


The fire was raging, he decided to unleash something

Century after century, looked like creating a mountain at
that rate


It was this same month of August at the stadium of

Dravid pounced on English seamers like does a bird of


The magnificent 144 set up a pride raising win

The chants of India created a wonderful din



Once again the warrior flew to the ground in Adelaide

Only to create magic by the world’s finest bat blade


Set to chase an Aussie total that seemed to be in region

He drove, cut, pulled and pushed the famous fast bowling


233 was not yet enough, he had the hunger and a job to

Brilliantly blocked rivals to hit a winning 72, faultless
and stylish


The double ton set up a string that was to shine like a

Struck a mammoth 270 to lead from the front and defeat
enemy cruel


If there ever be something that the magnificent man
hasn’t done

No dear, he never cheated, even if the rivals were fraud
number one


The world of cricket has seen great changes since his

It is a player of Rahul’s stature, who assures cricket’s


He is not just another batsman, his batting is a visual

Approaching him the ball forgets to spin, spinner catches
the flight


Whether you talk about rate of strike or the average or
the records

You will always find the Jammy to strike the right chords


There would never be any cricket stroke

That has not been masterly played by this


He now has entered the arena of IPL with Royal
Challengers Bangalore

The stadiums will be packed with red and gold, chanting ‘give
us more’


Be it swing, be it pace, be it bounce or magnificent spin

When he carts them around,  none can ever fathom a win



Usne dekhi hai sari duniya, Australia se leke South

The Wall of India, The Wall of India, King hai batting ka!


(My gift is a collage dedicated to Rahul, which is listed towards the bottom of the list in the featured gifts category).



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Latest comments

@ Holmes: Thanks bro! Hope 'The Wall' gets to read it personally :)
Wizardprince on 26 Aug 2010, 05:43 AM
cool poem! wonderful :)
HOLMES on 25 Aug 2010, 06:03 AM
@ Allen : The poem that is uploaded here is printed on a hand made card attached to the main collage.

Glad that you liked it. :) Let's see if I get the chance to give it to Rahul or not..
Wizardprince on 25 Aug 2010, 03:19 AM
Great collective Work.. :) I'm not sure how you're putting this as a gift but I'm surely waiting for the same...
allen-abhishek on 25 Aug 2010, 02:44 AM