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History specialist writes another chapter

The dread of four days was washed away by some heroic display this morning at PCA Stadium Mohali. In the process history was recreated..

Born to doctor parents,
this guy had inherited clinical precision in his genes. However, he
found out at the right time that his wrists were better suited at
directing a cricket bat than a scalpel. Below is what Wikipedia has to
say about him.


"He is noted most for his batting against
Australia, in both tests and one day internationals. As of February,
2010, he has scored 6 out of his 16 test hundreds, and 4 out of his 6
ODI hundreds against Australia. He has two double-centuries in tests,
both of them against Australia: his personal best of 281 at Kolkata in
2000–01, and 200* at Feroz Shah Kotla in 2008–09."


relishes being the proverbial nemesis of the men from down under. Today
again he proved why, despite being a player of the erstwhile era when
cricket was a gentleman's game, he is invaluable to Team India.


has not been worshiped like the Gods of cricket, i.e. Sachin Tendulkar
and Rahul Dravid. I watched the news for almost half n hour this evening
and there was no mention of his deed on any of the news channels, who
till this morning shouted out "It all depends only on God Sachin."


no matter whether he gets his dues or not, Laxman has yet again
demonstrated his true class. Over the last one decade, he has almost
made it a personal domain to torment Aussies and today was as good as it
ever got. Incapacitated, gingerly holding the bat, had it been any
lesser player, he would have stayed in the hut, but, not VVS.


nearly run a ball knock against the fierce Aussies, who looked set for a
70 odd run win, was a 'Hall of fame' contender. In this test match, he
also showed an emotion which till date was almost alien to him and that
was 'aggression'. He is known to send the ball screaming to the boundary
with the same ease with which a person sips juice lying back in his
armchair, but, today he was gesturing and yelling to his partner as well
as his runner. In fact, I believe that there was a high probability of
him getting violent with Pragyan Ojha, had he been able to run when
Pragyan failed to respond to a crucial call for a single.


between the display of a charged determination, there were of course,
the same silken drives through extra cover and the usual pulling of
deliveries well outside the off stump which are trademark shots of an in
form Laxman.


If this was not his best then it probably was as good as his best.


In the end I have to say this.


the proclaimed Gods fail, the hero comes to save the day. VVS Laxman,
all I got to say is that Indians might not do so, but, Australians will
worship you as an evil God who prevented their conquest so many times!


Take a bow Very Very Special Laxman!

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Latest comments

Laxman is a fifth day specialist:)
dravia on 07 Oct 2010, 11:53 PM
VVS Laxman has always been a great batsman espically against Aussies.He had so much of back pain but came out there and played like a true champion as he always does.:).The only thing i am waiting is for the Ram-Laxman(Dravid-Laxman) partnership.Dravid and Laxman are two very similar players.But both have not got their due respect.Everything has been overshadowed by Mr.Tendulkar.But not for much long,the Ram-Laxman will emerge as India's best test players ever.Go Dravid and Laxman.Prove to world that you guys are no way inferior to so called God of cricket Sachin:P
Govind-Madhavan on 07 Oct 2010, 04:36 AM
what an innings he played today in what time n situation! Y such a talent is under-used low down th order n not at no.3! He n Sachin must be the best players against Aus in last 15 yrs i guess. Just breaking higest runs, centuries records is not the only sign of greatness. To be able to win matches is more great n Laxman has been sensational in that. I disagree to the thought there are realy any unsung heroes n not getting as admired. cricket is huge in India n there is enough media coverage n expert talks to make people aware about who contributes to the game n how much. People well n truly understand the game. Whatever statuses Sachin,Rahul,VVS, Dhoni or any other bastman has been having currently is as per deserved. whenevr laxman has done well, he has won accolades. Just becoz Sachin is so hugely admired is no way an indication people are less impressed or appreciate when others do well.
HOLMES on 06 Oct 2010, 09:09 AM
Very well written!
Gandhiji last words were ' Hey Ram!'. Ponting's last words will be ' Hey Laxman!' ;)
India has successfully chased down the target of more than 200 in 4th innings consecutively, and both the times, Laxman was the hero.
He is one of the few players who averages more in second innings compared to first innings. And what makes this innings of VVS all the more special is that he struggling with his bat but was determined to take India home.
Sujansalian on 06 Oct 2010, 08:54 AM
Laxman... A VERY VERY SPECIAL man in India's squad.

Well I to accept that he is not got his dues. Today he again proved that he is the real master of Test. A man which is unfit at scoring 72* against the bowlers of team like australia who have taken almost all important wickets of FIT batsman of team.
I got smile on my face when I saw Laxman screaming when Ojha refuse to take single this was the first time when I saw laxman in that mood.
India would be proud by having batsman like VVS. He is the king of day 5. Its unbelievable seeing man coming on Day5 with huge pressure and scoring more than 50 runs and stopping only after giving match to his team.
CNP on 06 Oct 2010, 08:52 AM
yep he's not got his due i agree but the true test fans would always know wht position laxman holds to the team and well once he sees the man in baggy green caps dunno how but somehow he increases his stndrds...as one tweet said : Gandhi's last words were Hey ram but pontings last words would be hey lamxan...frankly how the new zealanders fear rahul dravid australia fear their biggest nemesis VVS Laxman......he's a true champion despite no cricket in between diff test series he always comes in and provides some valuable runs....and today's innings is one of his best ...today he was in some world of his own since he arrive on crease didn't care abt the tumbling wickets but once we came close he strted being more aggressive was seen in tht ojha incident lol :D ojha as the commentators mentioned would have got a smack at his bottoms if laxman's bat was abt 10 ft :P
so a gr8 innings hats off and spl mention to ishant who proved a crucial support to the legend.....GR8 test match and all hail the man from hyderabad VVS Laxman :)
PrinceDravid on 06 Oct 2010, 07:59 AM